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Once this is complete, it'll replace List of Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) episodes.

  • Is it worth splitting the table into seasons?

Episode # Episode Title Original Airdate Description

01 "Heads or Tails" US: 1993-11-27[1] After Sonic the Hedgehog stops a Buzzbomber from harassing Miles "Tails" Prower, Princess Sally sends the hedgehog into Robotropolis to retrieve metal cotter pins for their catapult defenses. In the process, Sonic learns of Robotnik's latest plan to destroy the Great Forest and uncover the hidden base of the Freedom Fighters.
02 "Sonic Boom" US: Princess Sally, while on a mission to Robotropolis, uncovers information that leads her to believe her father is still alive. Her and Antoine go to investigate in the Dark Swamp while Sonic remains to rescue Cat, another freedom fighter captured by Robotnik.
03 "Sonic and Sally" US: Finally able to capture Princess Sally, Robotnik creates a robotic duplicate to trick Sonic and infiltrate Knothole. "Tails" is the first to suspect something is amiss, though at first Sonic doesn't believe his "little bro." Will Sonic realize the switch in time before Robotnik discovers the location of Knothole?
04 "Ultra Sonic" US: After a failed mission in Robotropolis, Sonic comes across his roboticized Uncle Chuck. Using a Power Ring, Charles is able to regain his free will only long enough to warn Sonic and Sally of Robotnik's latest plan before succumbing to the brainwashing once more.
05 "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls" US: Using a makeshift biplane, the Freedom Fighters set off to uncover the legendary secret scrolls and to keep their powers away from Robotnik. However, once they arrive it doesn't take long for them to realize they have company...
06 "Super Sonic" US: Accidentally stumbling into the Forbidden Zone, Sally inadvertently alerts Robotnik to its existence and the legend of the evil wizard Lazar who resides within. When Sally sets Sonic on a mission to retrieve his collection of magic spells before the dictator can, he finds he is too late. Sonic must go and steal the spells back, but with one small inconvenience - without the use of his speed.
07 "Sonic Racer" US: When Robotnik announces a race in Robotropolis, Sonic is compelled to go even after Sally's constant warnings of it being a trap. Realizing he is going to compete regardless, a plan is set in motion to destroy the city's generator while Robotnik is preoccupied with Sonic.
08 "Harmonic Sonic" US: 1993-11-06[2] Dr. Robotnik launches a spy satellite into orbit in the hopes of finding the secret location of Knothole Village. With a makeshift rocket, Sonic and Rotor infiltrate the satellite to knock it offline.
09 "Hooked on Sonics" US: 1993-10-09[2] Wanting to prove himself the better Freedom Fighter and win the heart of Princess Sally, Antoine decides to try and capture Robotnik himself. Using a power ring to get the doctor' attention, Antoine is unprepared to go against him one on one. With the ring now in Robotnik's hands, Sonic is forced to rescue him, all the while avoiding a new weapon powered by the ring that can track Sonic at high speeds.
10 "Sonic's Nightmare" US: Plagued by a reoccurring nightmare where he is unable to stop Princess Sally from being roboticized, Sonic must overcome his fears when the group learn of Robotnik's latest plan: to have toxic rain fall on the island of Nimbus.
11 "Warp Sonic" US: After being rescued during another raid on Robotropolis, a goat named Griff appears to help them out of their jam. Claiming to be a Freedom Fighter from an underground city, he invites the Freedom Fighters to Lower Mobius, where he also explains their power troubles. When Griff learns of the Power Rings and the stone they come from, Griff steals the source for his own people, prompting Sonic to go after him.
12 "Sub Sonic" US: When Robotnik's digging for oil deposits accidentally uncovers water that causes accelerated growth, Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters decide to search for the source in an effort to restore the Great Forest, as the immense pollution from Robotropolis is causing the trees to wither. Going underground, it is up to Rotor to discover what is happening as everyone begins to disappear one by one.
13 "Sonic Past Cool" US: Finding the Freedom Fighters too busy to play with him, "Tails" goes off on his own and ends up befriending a baby terrapod. When the young fox brings the wild animal back, Sally realizes the entire pack is off their normal migration path, and must reunite the baby with its mother all the while making sure the pack avoids the interventions of Robotnik.
14 "Sonic Conversion" US: After completing their deroboticizer, Rotor decides to test it out on Bunnie Rabbot, her half-robotic body returning to its natural state. More than excited, Sonic rushes into Robotropolis to get his Uncle Chuck and deroboticize him as well. When it's discovered the results are only temporary, Sonic must rescue Antoine and "Tails" from his Uncle all the while trying to trigger his free will once again.
15 "Game Guy" US: 1994-09-10[2] Rescuing a mysterious ram in heart of Robotropolis, Ari thanks the Freedom Fighters and explains that he is the leader of his own band of fighters, and that they have been captured by Robotnik. Though Sally is suspicious of his claims, they agree to help him out, only to have Sonic become trapped in a game of pinball controlled by Robotnik with a one-way ticket to "The Void."
16 "No Brainer" US: 1994-09-24[2] While attempting to rescue some fellow Freedom Fighters in Robotropolis, Sonic is zapped by a ray from Snively which causes the hedgehog to lose his memory. Excited by the prospects, Snively tricks Sonic into thinking he works for him, sending him to find the location of Knothole.
17 "Blast to the Past (Part 1)" US: 1994-10-01[2] After suffering a loss, Sonic and Sally began talking about how it would have been if they could have stopped Robotnik before the coup. Inspired, Dulcy the Dragon tells them of the Time Stones, mystical gems located on the Floating Island that allow time travel. Venturing to the legendary isle, Sonic and Sally transport themselves back to old Mobotropolis...
18 "Blast to the Past (Part 2)" US: 1994-10-08[2] Discovering they didn't go back far enough, Sonic and Sally are caught up right at the beginning of the coup, their very appearance causing events to begin changing for the worst. Now the pair must work to not only save the Great Forest from being destroyed, but prevent their younger selves from being roboticized.
19 "Fed Up with Antoine/Ghost Busted" US: 1994-10-15[2] A pair of 11-minute episodes devoted to Antoine. In "Fed Up with Antoine," Antoine is made king of a hyena biker gang, unaware of their intention to eat him. In "Ghost Busted," a ghost story told by Sonic scares Antoine and "Tails," and when Antoine goes missing "Tails" fears is is the ghost's doing.
20 "Dulcy" US: 1994-10-22[2] After disappearing, the Freedom Fighters discover Dulcy has been summoned to her species natural mating grounds. In the process, they learn Robotnik is also about, seeking to roboticize the last remaining dragons on Mobius.
21 "The Void" US: Exploring the Great Unknown of Mobius, Sonic is almost sucked into "The Void," a portal having sprung up through unknown forces. Bringing back an artifact he finds once he escapes its pull, Sally and Bunnie are transported to "The Void" by Naugus, the discoverer of this alternate dimension. Meanwhile, Robotnik learns of "The Void's" appearance, fearing the release of the wizard he trapped there for the last ten years.
22 "The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca" US: 1994-11-05[2] A pair of 11-minute episodes devoted to Antoine. In "The Odd Couple," Antoine is forced to have Sonic as his roommate during a snowstorm after Dulcy's accidental destruction of his hut. In "Ro-Becca," Rotor's latest experiment goes awry as the female robot falls for Antoine's French charms.
23 "Cry of the Wolf" US: 1994-11-12[2] Using the Royal Freedom Fighter list Sally got from her father in "The Void," her and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters go off in search of the mysterious Wolf Pack. Once they track down its leader Lupe, the two combined groups must work together to stop Robotnik's latest invention from ruining what is left of the Wolf Pack's home - a test pod from the Doomsday project.
24 "Drood Henge" US: 1994-11-19[2] Uncle Chuck, once again spying on Dr. Robotnik, informs the Freedom Fighters of the dictator's plans on uncovering the Deep Power Stones, a source of incredible power that was hidden by the royal family in the fear it may fall into the wrong hands. It is up to Sonic and "Tails" to prevent Robotnik from getting his hands on them to power his ultimate trump card.
25 "Spyhog" US: After another successful raid on Robotropolis, Robotnik begins to suspect that there is a spy within his midsts, the only explanation he can think of as to how the Freedom Fighters know of his plans. After sweeping his control room and finding a bug, he lays a trap to capture them. However, Sally is able to intercept the message, and sends Antoine to warn Uncle Chuck of his impending exposure.
26 "The Doomsday Project" US: 1994-12-03[2] The Doomsday Project is finally operational, and threatens the entire planet Mobius. With pods appearing all over the planet, Sonic, Sally, and the rest of the Freedom Fighters team up with the other groups they have found to attempt a full on assault against Robotnik's crown jewel. However, even with their combined might, the goal to victory may lie with the Deep Power Stones.


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