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<forumuser name="CarrascoZX0" /> CarrascoZX0 is a new member of the Sonic scene and currently a Member at Sonic Retro. He is a Peruvian hacker currently living in the U.S., and he is also a known member of SSRG and RetroHack.

He is responsible for the hack Sonic the Hedgehog ZX and is the leader of Team ZX.


History of CarrascoZX0

CarrascoZX0 was a huge noob back then. All that he was able to do was level editing and some palettes. He never released his hack on forums, only on Hacktube (This was because, he didn't really how the forums work back then). But now, he knows a shit load of: ASM, SMPS, and more!

History of Sonic the Hedgehog ZX

CarrascoZX0 started working on Sonic the Hedgehog ZX with his little brother eggboyX0 on the late June of 2007. Sonic the Hedgehog ZX started out as a layout and palette hack (This was mostly because both brothers didn't know ASM at the time). But soon after their second release on the SSRG's Hacktube the hack was canceled (It's sometimes very hard to work with your family =P).

Sonic the Hedgehog ZX returns?

After, 4-6 month later... CarrascoZX0 came back "alone" to work on Sonic the Hedgehog ZX... But this time was going to be different. He actually deleted his old Sonic the Hedgehog ZX and decides to start over to make a better more improved version of Sonic the Hedgehog ZX!


CarrascoZX0 mostly likes to spend most of his time working on Sonic the Hedgehog ZX. Sometimes he likes to make music from Midi to XM to SMPS format to either give away, make it for fun, or uses it for his hack. After a while, with the help of Eduardo Knuckles teaching him for hours about SMPS, CarrascoZX0 became very talented in making XM to SMPS (Thanks Eduardo Knuckles!).

He also loves to help others in Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hacking. And is willing to help others in need of help...

Current Work

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