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biggestsonicfan (or BSF) is an Oldbie who entered the Sonic scene late into it's first incarnation and is quite possibly the only person on Retro to have played Sega Splash! Golf on a consistent basis. Despite the arrogantly created username, biggestsonicfan is not Sonic's biggest/top/number one Sonic fan, nor is he the largest physically. He has, however, contributed to the Sonic research/hacking scene on occasion. Notable contributions include the Virtual Sonic scans by request of a SonicStuff staffer[1], Sonic Gems Collection music rips, a majority portion bid for and physical ownership of the Sonic Mars Game Script by Michael Kosaka
The mysterious history of the Mars script requires further investigation.
, and his dedication to unused content in Sonic the Fighters research. In fact, nearly the entire Game Secrets page on Retro the article on The Cutting Room Floor[2] articles regarding the game's unused content are derivates from his desire to prove Honey was not a "bear".[3][4] Offline, biggestsonicfan has occasionally met up with other scene members such as Sazpaimon and Link from Sonic CulT, as well as Scarred Sun and Skyler at Sonic Boom (event) 2012.


biggestsonicfan spent a lot of time on deviantART, praising and gushing over Sonic fanart for many years. He befriended scene artist puritylf4 and was introduced to Sonic Hot Dimensions where he moderated it's Oekaki board. The Sonic fanart community was constantly filled with drama at this time, and many artworks would be lost due to deletion. biggestsonicfan originally commissioned a friend to create a program that could back up and manage entire dA and fA gallery downloads. It wasn't until he began his programming classes in college that he began to write a similar program for himself. He has been fascinated by programming ever since and has created a sizable, non-hosted, collection of categorized fanart from many different Sonic artists from the time period.

Sonic the Fighters has been a constant obsession since his actual encounter with a cabinet at a GameWorks location. His obsession hit critical mass once he learned that the game's unused character was visible in the emulated arcade version. Since then, he has made it his quest to document the entire unused contents of the game... and there's a 'lot'...

Personal To-Do:

Wiki Updates

  • Transfer defunct interview with Hiroshi Kataoka DONE - Interview: Hiroshi Kataoka (2006-03-31) by
    • Kataoka was seemingly unaware Honey was converted to a Sonic styled anthropomorphic character and not just a direct model import from Fighting Vipers.
      • Does this mean he was not aware of Daichi Katagiri and an unnamed character (presumed to be Yuji Naka based on the appearance) were also included and playable in Fighting Vipers in addition to Sonic and Tails?
      • He believes character designer Mashahiro "T" Sugiyama is responsible for Honey's inclusion in the game.
      • Sugiyama was also credited as a character designer on Fighting Vipers.
    • It appears that the higher-ups of Sega of Japan announced Saturn ports of "Sonic the Fighters" and "Virtua Fighter 3" without the team's knowledge, calling it a "mistake".
    • By this time Yu Suzuki, credited producer of Sonic the Fighters, was already focused on Shenmue development, which was inspired by the Virtua Fighter series.
  • Figure out how to properly document the Leaded 3 Terminal Capacitors as Noise Suppression Products/EMI Suppression Filters used on Sega products such as the Genesis/Megadrive, Versus Billboard, and arcade "Filter" boards.
    • The reason they are marked "EM" is because they are EMI Suppression Filters, this is why they are not marked the typical C for Capacitor.
  • Find pics of the Sonic the Hedgehog Gamegear shaped gum container.


Sonic the Fighters
Fighting Vipers
  • Compare routines to the StF routines
  • Do RANKED and RANDOM mode work here?
    • RANDOM mode, in fact, does work. Just hold UP+START after inserting your credit.
  • PS2 version is emulated and contains data, both compressed and decompressed versions of the same files.
    • Come up with an algorithm to decompress the compressed versions - Working with NWPlayer123 on this one.Given up RIP
      • SimonTime has cracked the format, but it's not 100% working yet...
      • This is important because StF in Sonic Gems Collection uses the same emulator and data structure as the PS2 Fighting Vipers, but its files are not decompressed.

Dynamite Deka 2/Dynamite Cop

  • There was once a password system? Possibly in the Game Assignments test menu. Password list includes:
    • DEKA2
    • DIE-HARD
    • MODEL2
    • MAGURO
    • SEGATA346
    • H-O-DEAD
    • D-ADDER
    • C-LEG
    • SEGA-AM1
    • S-F-P-D
    • 100YEN
    • HANEDA
    • KATANA
    • NAOMI
    • PAPA
      • The password system is used: ダイナマイト刑事2 ホームページ パスワード - SUGOI NE - つぎまで0905時間だ!!

It translates as the following: "Password for the Dynamite Deka 2 home page - SUGOI NE - 0905 until the next one!!"

  • There is also something involving a "Footcontroller" calibration, but the code for it appears to be gone.

Sega SPLASH! Golf

  • Can the EXE be run from the launcher or other ways?
  • Finish decoding unknown files.
  • Unpack the EXE and repair the OEP and IAT to execute properly.
  • Bug SimonTime to release the proper looping OST.

Sonic The Hedgehog Screensaver


  • Virtual Sonic full scan is top priority - Disc lost though
  • Better scans of Sonic Mars? Nah...maybe?
    • This has been done but not uploaded yet... why not?