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Bartman3010, or simply Bartman, is a Sonic scene oldbie who's best known for his fan game Anime Rally, which consists of different anime characters racing each other in the fashion of Mario Kart from a top-down perspective. Bartman is a host of the Sonic Retro Podcast, as well as a host in 2009's Sonic Amateur Games Expo 14.

Bartman has also been a co-host on the following podcasts.

The Moogle Cavern's own MoogCast

"Distorted Mind's" Podcast hosted by Yousorrymon. Including the precursor version; Some Days You Cant Get Rid of a Podcast. Podimouth Bit-Tronic

He is also part of the manga translation group named "Team Boke" headed by "Pepsiman" from ""

Currently he is a feature writer for Sonic and Sega Retro.