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<forumuser name="Andlabs" type="game" /> Andlabs (formerly known as PGSONIC; also known as pietro10) is a relatively active member of the Sonic scene and a Tech Member as well as a Sysop on the Sonic Retro Wiki. He is a frequent presence in the Sonic Retro IRC channel, and is very outgoing and friendly. He has what can be considered fair knowledge of the Sega Mega Drive and its internal workings, and is well-versed in the subject of technology.

He is currently working on a few projects but gets sidetracked and gets new ones so often that a list of them is unmaintainable.


Andlabs joined Sonic Retro in June of 2008, linked to the Knuckles in Sonic 1 page from Wikipedia, where he started out by making contributions to the Sonic Retro wiki. He would later join #protos, a channel run and maintained by drx for general conversation and discussion of game prototypes. He still inhabits that channel, as andlabs, though as pietro10 until drx removed his bridge. He eventually decided to join #retro.

Following an inquiry from Tweaker about the abovementioned wiki edits, Andlabs would get a name change on the forums and have his account put into full membership, giving him posting priveleges. Ever since this point, Andlabs has been consistently active in the scene, sharing opinions and contributing where he can. He also once offered to lead the then-dying Project: Sonic Retro before its eventual demise; unfortunately, his application was too late to be of any use.

In November of 2009 he became a Wiki Sysop for being very active on the Wiki and much helping with the image restoring after the Sonic Retro hijack on August 2009.