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Time Eater
Game: [[Sonic Generations]][[Category:Sonic Generations bosses]]
Hits to defeat: 3

The Time Eater is the final boss in Sonic Generations. It was found in deep space by Eggman some time after the ending of Sonic Colours, who decided to use it's properties of manipulating time and space to erase his past defeats. However, he realized he would not be able to do this alone, so he asked his classic self from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to help him with modifying the Time Eater for their use.

The fight takes place in a strange void, supposedly created by the Time Eater itself. You fight him as both the Classic and Modern Super Sonic's. The monster will sometimes switch perspectives, and you can switch perspectives at any time by hitting the special move button. The perspective change allows you to dodge attacks between dimensions, and each perspective comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

In 3D, more space allows for greater evasion of flying objects and attacks. Rings are in bunches, however they can be harder to find and obtain. In 2D, the reduced perspective make ring gathering a breeze, but dodging attacks in this perspective is considerably harder.

The Time Eater will throw random objects at you to try and block your path (You can throw your partner into said objects with the attack button to reduce the stuff in your way), as well as warping its hands through time and space to attack you.

To attack the monster, simply make it to its core and touch it. Being Super overloads the monster, and will damage it as a result. Do this twice.

On its third and final hit, the Time Eater will do a combined Classic and Modern Eggman attack involving a huge energy sphere. Pushing the triggers/bumpers on your controller together will dispel this attack. The attack will backfire and the monster will explode, throwing all the characters out of the void sans the Eggmen.


In the English dub, the classic characters refer to Classic Eggman as Dr. Robotnik when they see him, which is the name he received when the Sonic series was localized for other territories for the Genesis/Mega Drive. Classic Eggman responds, "Nobody one calls me that anymore."

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