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The End
  • Main Story
  • Another Story
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The End
Game: Sonic Frontiers
Level: Ouranos Island
Fought by: Supreme (Main Story), Super Sonic (Another Story)
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The End[fn 1] is the main antagonist and final boss of Sonic Frontiers. It is a mysterious entity with the sole objective of destroying all life in the universe and reducing all of existence to nothing, having destroyed countless civilisations and worlds prior to the events of the game, though was sealed within Cyber Space by the Ancients. Its true appearance is completely unknown, as it typically assumes many forms based on one's perception of death itself - the form it is shown as in-game is of a purple moon.

Throughout the game, The End manipulates Sonic into setting it free from its imprisonment in Cyber Space by rescuing his friends and defeating the Titans. When it is set free, Super Sonic and Sage use Supreme to go into space and destroy The End before it can destroy the world in the main story. This final boss battle can only be fought when playing on the Hard or Extreme difficulties. If playing on Easy or Normal, the boss fight is skipped.

In "Another Story" however, The End takes control of Supreme, and Super Sonic must fight it on Ouranos Island. Unlike the battle fought in the main story, this alternate final boss battle is fought on all difficulties.


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Main Story

Another Story

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  1. Stylised as "THE END" on in-game title cards and hints in English and Japanese.


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