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Techno Base
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Techno Base
Sixth Zone, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: cyberspace
Boss: Egg-Go-Round
Maximum rings, Act 1: 567 + 42~140
Maximum rings, Act 2: 433 + 32~130
Non-English names:
  • JP: テクノベース
Sky Canyon | Egg Utopia

Techno Base is the sixth Zone of Sonic Advance 2. As with other Zones in this game, Techno Base consists of two standard Acts followed by a boss Act.


Techno Base apparently takes place on the inside of a computer, a rare level theme in the series. The background displays big chips connected by blue and green lines, which all of the sudden turn into a flashing red and then get distorted like a broken TV. Many things in the Zone are also digital in appearance; even the spikes have a digital aesthetic to them.

The layout itself is extremely colorful and can get a little dizzy without experience. Huge loops, fast-moving blocks that propel the player when stepped on, bridges of light that disappear momentarily like in Death Egg Zone from Sonic & Knuckles, bumper-covered walls, bumpers that disappear once hit, platforms with electric spikes, weird Badniks and flashing spikes are several of the levels' unique features, and make it amazingly hard to get past the level at high speed. And even worse, Techno Base holds a very difficult boss at the end. Bottomless pits are marked with grids of blue hexagons.

A similar Zone, Cyber Track, later made an appearance in Sonic Advance 3.


Flickey — A Flicky-like Badnik that flutters about with a trio of spiked iron balls following it (doesn't appear in Easy mode).
Kyura — Bizarre winged bots that fly through the air and fire laser blasts into the ground.
Star — Hovering star-shaped bots that spin in place. They are only vulnerable when they stop spinning.

Special Ring locations

The following are the locations of the Special Rings for access to the Special Stage in Techno Base. Detailed maps featuring the Special Ring locations can be found here.

Ring Act 1 Act 2
#1 From the start, take the highest route possible while carefully crossing the light bridges. The first Special Ring will be found on the way. Ride the rail at the start and bounce off the spring to reach the first Ring.
#2 After the first Ring, run down the road and grind the rail. Jump over the spikes at the end of the rail, and drop down the hole and hang to the left wall on the way down. From #1, follow the lowest route possible. The second Special Ring is between two catapult blocks over a bottomless pit.
#3 After the second Ring, return to the highest possible path (Sonic and Amy may have to backtrack, other characters can simply fly up). After being launched up a quarter-pipe, bounce off the wall on the left while being mindful of the Stars to get the third Ring. After Ring #2, step on the left catapult block, then run up the wall using the Speed Booster. After bouncing off a spring, jump over the Dash Ring and try to reach the Speed Booster at the end of a rail to run into a Launcher that leads to the next Ring.
#4 Following #3 are two rails. Take the lower rail, then jump through the second rail that follows it. From #3, keep following the highest-possible routes to two paths crossing over each other in an X. The fourth Ring is at the top of the path leading to the right.
#5 After #4, reach the highest route possible. The fifth Ring will be found after grinding a rail and running up a quarter-pipe. After #4, take the highest route. The fifth Ring is on a platform inside a large downward loop.
#6 From the fifth Ring, head down to the lower routes and reach the Checkpoint, then drop down. Hold Right when landing on the catapult block to stop, then go right to get the Special Ring underneath. After #5, head down to the lowest route to come across a set of bumper walls. Bounce up the walls to reach the sixth Ring.
#7 Head for the highest route possible after getting the sixth Ring. The final Ring is just before the final rail; use the Speed Booster below the bridge to gain enough speed to reach it. From #6, follow the path to the right and bounce up to a rail from a spring. Grind the rail and jump at the end of it to grab the final Ring.


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