Princess Sally Acorn

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Is Sally Acorn really an Archie Character? She was created for SatAM first...

The original Sally Acorn™

So I think I want to merge the classic Sally Acorn information into the Ricky page. Because in 1991, it was just a localised name. I want to take the redirect with me.


Special:WhatLinksHere/Princess Sally Acorn

a lot of Archie comics links point to "Sally Acorn". I've never read these comics because I like having brain cells, so which is the most appropriate text replace - "Princess Sally", "Princess Sally Acorn" or "Sally" (i.e. which is more common in the comics (or in those specific comics)?)

If there's no response I'll go with "Princess Sally", given that she got her own comics for some reason. -Black Squirrel (talk) 16:28, 2 November 2018 (CDT)

Requesting a move

This page has always been kinda weird in how it treats all the different versions of Sally. I rewrote the first paragraphs to be more inclusive towards all characters under this name, so I think that it'd be appropriate to move this page under the name "Sally Acorn", as she isn't always portrayed as a princess across all sources.