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Tails' Fly & Get
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Tails' Fly & Get
Game: Sonic Battle
Number of players: 2-4

Tails' Fly & Get is a mini-game in Sonic Battle, which is unlocked after clearing Tails' episode in Story Mode. This mini-game can only be played in multiplayer across up to four Game Boy Advance systems, with only one copy of Sonic Battle required for the host player.

This mini-game inspired a simultaneous Sonic Cafe mobile phone release, Tails no Flying Get.


This mini-game is an aerial platformer, and the objective is to race to fly upwards and collect 20 Rings as quickly as possible. Players press Left and Right to move, and the A button to fly higher. The camera will try to track all players as much as possible, but if a player gets left behind, they will jump back to the center of the screen. While flying, players must avoid bombs, as colliding with one will cause them to lose 5 Rings.

The first player to collect 20 Rings wins.


The players' characters are predetermined based on player number:


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