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Super Trip
First seen: Sonic Superstars (2023)
Power source: Chaos Emeralds
Base character: Trip the Sungazer
Used in: Games

Super Trip is Trip the Sungazer's Super transformation which she used in Sonic Superstars. Like other Super transformations, Trip achieves this form by harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds.


Super Trip differs from most other Super transformations in the series as her appearance changes completely, becoming a golden dragon with wings and a bulkier physique. This transformation also results in a change of posture, becoming a quadraped with two large forelegs that each have black bracelets.

Trip is first seen in this form when retaliating against Fang the Hunter at the end of Golden Capital Zone, destroying his prototype mech in the process. Once Trip is unlocked as a playable character, she can change into Super Trip like any other Super form during gameplay. In addition to the traditional effects of a Super State which include invincibility, Super Trip is capable of freely flying using her wings, and can breathe fire in mid-flight. Whenever she interacts with gimmicks and objects such as a spring or a tunnel, she will change into a golden ball of light that can move faster.


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