Sunset Park Zone

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Sunset Park Zone
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Sunset Park Zone
Second Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: urban
Boss: Marve Shupopolus-Gou
Maximum rings, Act 1: 111 + 80
Maximum rings, Act 2: 114 + 80
Maximum rings, Act 3: 5 + 0
Non-English names:
Great Turquoise Zone | Meta Junglira Zone

Sunset Park Zone is the second Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble for the Sega Game Gear. As with other Zones in this game, Sunset Park consists of two standard Acts followed by a shorter third Act which contains the Zone's boss. This Zone comes after Great Turquoise Zone and precedes Meta Junglira Zone.


Sunset Park is an abandoned and dilapidated amusement park. Ladybuggies patrol the rails in Spin Coasters, which our heroes can expropriate after destroying their robotic occupants and plow through walls and spikes with them.

Vertical wind turbines siphon power from the ochre air's breezes, although the player must to be careful around them; while the towers won't damage the player themselves, they will knock Sonic or Tails out of their Spin Attack, leaving them vulnerable to other hazards. They must also be careful when crossing certain bridges, as they are rigged to detonate whenever the heroes step on them.

Interestingly, unlike other Zones in the game, Act 2 ends with an unusual transition into Act 3: at the end of the Act, the player boards a robotic freight train with the Bonus Panel sitting on top of it. After spinning the Panel and getting a prize from it, it suddenly falls off the train as it suddenly begins to depart from the station, immediately thrusting the player into Act 3 without a results tally or title card.


An abandoned amusement park. A speedy and exciting zone where you can ride coasters.

Sonic & Tails 2 JP manualMedia:SonicTripleTrouble GG JP manual.pdf[1] (translation by Mastered Realm and Windii)[2]

Ride the Spin Coasters up and down the steep hills. Spinning turbines make you flip. Bridges explode beneath your feet. Hop onto elevators, but get rid of their robot riders first.

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble US manualMedia:SonicTripleTrouble GG US manual.pdf[3]


Kameka — Flies in the air and divebombs when the player passes underneath.
Ladybuggy — Rides about in Spin Coasters. Destroy it to ride the Spin Coaster.
Ridal Tap — Rides on elevators that move up and down. Destroy it to ride its elevator.
Bombaberry — Hovers in the air and drops bombs. Appears only in Act 3.

Chaos Emerald Monitor locations

The following are the locations of the Chaos Emerald Monitors for access to the Special Stage in Sunset Park Zone:

  • Act 1: Atop the loop-de-loop at the end of the Act. Use the Spring located to the left of the loop to bounce up to it. If timed correctly Miles himself can fly up there to it.
  • Act 2: On a ledge at the end of the Act. The player must take the highest route to the end in order to reach it.


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