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For the term used to describe pixel graphics, see sega:Sprite.
First seen: Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (2015)
Series: Sonic Boom
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Sprites are a race of mystical creatures that appear in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. They serve as useable items that give the player various in-game boosts when equipped.


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List of Sprites

One use Sprites

Notavailable.svg Sparkle
Sell value: 250 
Double damage when attacking Eggman
Notavailable.svg Flurry
Sell value: 250 
Maximises the number of Powerups
Notavailable.svg Spark
Sell value: 150 
1 Bonus Revive
Notavailable.svg Salt
Sell value: 600 
2 Bonus Revives
Notavailable.svg Shelly
Sell value: 2,100 
3 Bonus Revives
Notavailable.svg Medley
Sell value: 100 
Combos last 1 second longer
Notavailable.svg Synth
Sell value: 500 
Combos last 2 seconds longer
Notavailable.svg Mingle
Sell value: 2,000 
Combos last 3 seconds longer
Notavailable.svg Perk
Sell value: 200 
Adds 50% to Global Score Multiplier
Notavailable.svg Gravy
Sell value: 700 
Adds 75% to Global Score Multiplier
Notavailable.svg Maxi
Sell value: 2,500 
Adds 100% to Global Score Multiplier
Notavailable.svg Banks
Sell value: 200 
Banks 25% of dropped Rings
Notavailable.svg Stash
Sell value: 700 
Banks 50% of dropped Rings
Notavailable.svg Magpie
Sell value: 2,500 
Banks 75% of dropped Rings
Notavailable.svg Leaf
Sell value: 150 
Doubles all Rings Collected
Notavailable.svg Aurora
Sell value: 600 
Triples all Rings Collected
Notavailable.svg Bounty
Sell value: 2,100 
Quadruples all Rings Collected

Forever Sprites

Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Aegis
Shields last 10%-150% longer
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Targa
Shields appear 60%-200% more often
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Flux
Magnets last 10%-150% longer
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Feric
Magnets appear 60%-200% more often
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Amp
Score Doublers appear 60%-200% more often
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Duplex
Score Doublers last 10%-150% longer
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Volt
Enerbeam lasts 15%-250% longer
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Ion
Enerbeam appears 60%-200% more often
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Serge
Dash Bar fills 10%-150% more quickly
Notavailable.svgNotavailable.svgNotavailable.svg Legs
Dash lasts 10%-150% longer



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