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Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special world, Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)
Number of Acts: 7

The Special Stages of Sonic Lost World appear exclusively in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. To access them, the player must finish a normal Zone with at least 50 Rings. Upon accepting an invite, a Giant Ring will appear for Sonic to jump in. The Special Stages are also featured in VS Mode.

They are loosely similar to the Special Stages of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and very similar to the ones seen in Chaotix.


The Special Stages are set in a space-like void filled with several Orbs of many colours, including blue, red, yellow, white and rainbow, and the player is tasked with collecting them within a time limit. The Chaos Emerald hangs out in the open, but it is protected by a force field that must be removed by collecting every Orb.

To control Sonic, the player must use the Nintendo 3DS' gyroscope to aim Sonic in the direction they want to go. The player then has to hold either R, B or A to make Sonic Boost for extra speed, and hold L or Y if they need to stop. Pressing X will lock the direction the player is moving. Because the Special Stage requires the use of the gyroscope to move around in a 3D space, the player must be standing in a wide-open space with the system in their hands.

Collecting 5 Orbs of the same colour in a row will create a magnetic field around Sonic that will attract nearby Orbs and items. If the player does not maintain the chain for a certain amount of time or replace it with another single-coloured chain, the field will disappear. Rainbow Orbs count as any colour; one does not have to make a group of only rainbows in order to get the magnetic field to appear.

There are also other items to collect within the Special Stage. One such item is an electrical barrier that will temporarily grant its own magnetic field that draws in Orbs regardless of which colours the player picks up, along with having extra reach. There are also orange time items that give the player extra time, and blue time items that take time away. Later Special Stages have walls that will temporarily stun the player if they run into it.

When the Chaos Emerald is collected, the Special Stage is cleared. Like with regular levels, the player is awarded Material for completing the Special Stage, with higher quantities awarded based on the Rank the player gets. The type of Material awarded depends on the Special Stage's number.

List of Special Stages

Stage Screenshot Chaos Emerald Material
SonicLostWorld 3DS SpecialStage.png
Green Green Material
Yellow Yellow Material
Grey Blue Material
Red White Material
Purple Iron Material
Blue Black Material
Cyan Red Material


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