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  • enhanced port of the [[Sega Dreamcast]] game, ''[[Sonic Adventure]]'', with many added features and updated graphics. It was first released for the [[N ...c Adventure 2'', while attempting to fix some of the multitude of problems with the original release, and is generally considered by Sega and Sonic Team to
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  • For the first time, a company was able to directly compete with console and gamemaker Nintendo, which had dominated the second half of the ...intendo after the success of ''Super Mario Bros''. The franchise took off, with a version of the game being released on the [[sega:Sega Master System|Sega
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  • [It is night in Robotropolis, with a dark-red sky. A shuttle swatbot flies by. Elsewhere in Robotropolis, [[So [The scrap metal pushes Sonic with it as parts of the scrap pile fall into the vat of hot liquid.]
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  • ...common with early platformers such as the ''[[Mario|Super Mario Bros.]]'' titles, the Nintendo DS version is an entirely 2D game in the style of ''[[Sonic R .... When a Wisp is collected, the Boost Gauge on the left of the screen will display which Wisp is currently active. There are 10 available Wisps across the Wii
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  • ...International version is [[Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)#Versions|Rev. 00]] with no modification to spike behavior. ...slightly different from usual, as Sonic can still be damaged by collision with a moving [[Badnik]] while charging the move.
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