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MSXSonyc Title.png
System(s): MSX2, Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Analogy
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1

Sonyc is a 1995 fan game/pirate game for MSX2 computers, developed by Elvis Gallegos and Manuel Pazos, and later ported to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance by the same developers. The latter version is less developed.

While it's commonly referred as an unlicensed game, it's technically a fan game, as it's more focusing on giving homage to the Sonic the Hedgehog series rather than ripping off the series.

MSX2 version

The game's levels are arranged similarly to classic Sonic games: Of the 4 'Zones', each is divided into 3 'Acts'. The first Zone has a grassland theme, as in most Sonic games. The second Zone is a cavern that remains frozen despite the numerous magma rivers flowing through it. The third Zone is an ancient ruins type level filled with sand, stone, and waterfalls. The final Zone takes place in a forest that is similar to Wood Zone, one of the levels cut from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. There are also bonus stages, visited after defeating the guardian of each Zone, which feature letter blocks resembling children's toys and in which Sonic has 60 seconds to collect as many stars as possible.

This version became a freeware in 2003. [1]


Zone Password Zone Password Zone Password Zone Password
Palm Zone 1 --- Ice Zone 1 COLDICE Ruins Zone 1 STONES Forest Zone 1 WOODEN
Palm Zone 2 SEASIDE Ice Zone 2 FALLS Ruins Zone 2 ANCIENT Forest Zone 2 TWIG
Palm Zone 3 SARDINE Ice Zone 3 TEMPANO Ruins Zone 3 GEMA Forest Zone 3 HIDORI
King Moai MOBAKA Gandhara KUBITO Cave Dragon DORAGON Dark Metal CRYSTAL

Game Boy Advance version

This version's first level was originally believed to be unbeatable. This has been proven to be false. However, due to this, savestates for the emulator Boycott Advance were created to grant players access to other levels. So far, savestates have been created for the ruins and wood levels, courtesy of Stealth. The graphics are glitched when using Visual Boy Advance and mGBA, so it is best to use Boycott Advance. It is also strongly advised to disable the BIOS if one is being used, as the game will not boot otherwise.

An alternative version named "SonyC Demo (PD) [a1].gba" in GoodGBA ROM set fixed the graphic bug and also adds music.

Cheat codes

Code Description
00D310:07 7 Chaos Emeralds (next Level, Act 1/2/3 only)
00D311:99 99 Rings (you need to disable it to die after falling into a deep pit)
00D312:09 9 Lives



Box art



Download Sonyc
Multiple downloads available

Externel links

  • Official Page (Spanish) - The official website for the MSX version of the game. A download is available on the bottom of the page.
  • How to complete the first level - Video version of the log showing how to beat the first level, for people that can't play it.