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|[[File:STHMobile-SpecialStageText.png]] [[File:STHMobile-SpecialStageGiantRing.png]]
|[[File:STHMobile-SpecialStageText.png]] [[File:STHMobile-SpecialStageGiantRing.png]]
|Special Stage Text & Ring
|Special Stage text & Giant Ring
|Text and giant ring graphics exist within the data.
|Text and Giant Ring graphics exist within the data.[]

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The following are Game Secrets which were found deep inside Sonic the Hedgehog Mobile.

Lost Sprites

Artwork Name Description
StHM Marble UFO.png
UFO One of the last tiles in the Marble Zone layout[1]. Same as seen in prototype magazine screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog. Never seen in-game.
STHMobile-SpecialStageText.png STHMobile-SpecialStageGiantRing.png Special Stage text & Giant Ring Text and Giant Ring graphics exist within the data.[2]

iFone differences

The version developed by iFone is split into two parts, with Part One bundled with some phones in Europe. Part One includes unused graphics intended for later in the game, despite it only containing the first three zones. These graphics include platforms from Scrap Brain and Labyrinth, plus in-game text referencing the levels.

Incidentally, the game also uses the original level select format in its file names; Marble Zone's tiles are labelled ZONE3, for example.