Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Mega-CD prototype; 1993-09-20)

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Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Mega-CD prototype; 1993-09-20)
Prerelease of: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
System: Sega Mega-CD
Build date: 1993-09-20
Source: CD-R
Found by: Sutekh

Sonic the Hedgehog CD build 920 is a prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog CD for the Sega Mega-CD, named because the prototype was built on September 20th, 1993.

This prototype is a pre-release build of the US version of the game, as it was found to be identical to the final US version, featuring the addition of the updated copyright on the title screen and the level-restart trick, but with the original soundtrack that was used in the Japanese and European versions of the game.


The prototype was originally released in the early 2000s by Sutekh in a lossy ISO/MP3 format. It was later redumped as a BIN/CUE by Sutekh and released by drx on June 8, 2006.

Physical disc

(from Secrets of Sonic Team)

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