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Android: 1.0.6 (Sega Forever)

Bug fixes and refinements

Android: 1.0.5 (Sega Forever)

Bug fixes and refinements

Android: 1.0.4 (Sega Forever)

Bug fixes and refinements

Android: 1.0.2 (Sega Forever)

Bug fixes and refinements

Android: 1.0.6

What's in this version:

Experience console quality gaming with Sonic CD on your mobile device. With added MOGA compatibility built in, all the jumping and spinning are now effortlessly performed!

Android: 1.0.5 (JP)


1.「NEW GAME」をタップすると強制終了してしまう不具合

Android: 1.0.5

What's in this version:

Experience a deeper level of immersion and bring Sonic CD’s stages and boss battles to life with added Haptics functionality on enabled devices!

iOS: 3.0.5

Those bugs were just too slow for Sonic. They've been squished and the game is even smoother.

iOS: 3.0.0

Sonic CD is part of the SEGA Forever classic games collection, a treasure trove of free SEGA console classics brought to life on mobile!

iOS: 2.0.1

Thanks for downloading Sonic CD. This update fixes an issue for users who have previously paid for the game seeing adverts along with an issue with restore purchases.

Please note that we aware of an issue where paid users may see a no internet message when the game loads. Dismissing this message will allow the game to load normally.

iOS: 2.0

Sonic took a trip to the past and decided to change the game’s code. That’s right, Sonic CD is now FREE!

iOS: 1.1.1 (JP)


iOS: 1.1.1

- Fixes language recognition issue
- iOS9 devices now display the game's supported languages
Update your game today!

iOS: 1.0.9

-- Added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
-- UI compatibility fixes

iOS: 1.0.3

-Added iOS 7 Controller support
-Bug Fixes

iOS: 1.0.2

iPhone 5 widescreen support.
Bug fixes.

iOS: 1.0.1 (JP)