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The following are the instruction manuals for Sonic the Hedgehog CD.


Story in US and EU manuals

"Sonic, where are you going now?"

Sonic the Hedgehog looked over his shoulder at Princess Sally (in actuality, Amy Rose), the young hedgehog who was racing hot on his heels.

"To Never Lake," he called back.

"Why Never Lake?"

Sonic slowed down a little so he could explain. "Ever heard of the Little Planet?"

"Isn't that the tiny world that orbits around Mobius?" Princess Sally asked. "The one with the special stones that alter time and change everything around them? I heard that the planet's full of places that are completely ignored by the passage of time!"

"Yeah. On the last month of every year, the Little Planet appears over Never Lake. It's that time now, and I'm going to check it out. I bet space travel will be exciting!"

"With all those Time Stones, I bet you'll try to outrun time itself!" Princess Sally sighed in adoration.

Sonic didn't reply. He just smiled, eyes gleaming.

When they arrived at Never Lake, the Little Planet was there as expected. But something was wrong. Where there should have been tall trees and bright flowers, there was nothing but dry sand and jagged rocks. The Little Planet was tethered to a rock with a huge chain and its surface was covered with twisted, gleaming metal.

"What happened?" Princess Sally wondered.

Before Sonic could reply, something whooshed over them. Princess Sally shrieked as she was snatched up, and she and her captor vanished in a blue streak of light!

"What the -- PRINCESS SALLY!"

It didn't take long for Sonic to realize what had happened. "This has to be one of Dr. Robotnik's tricks!"

Indeed it was! Upon discovering the location of the Little Planet, the evil Dr. Robotnik and his robot cronies had immediately set about converting it to a giant fortress. When Robotnik saw Sonic approaching, he had dispatched his prize creation, the Metal Sonic, to grab Princess Sally and lure his arch enemy into danger.

"How convenient!" Robotnik crowed, bouncing about like a malicious rubber ball. "This time my scientific expertise will crush you! Once all the Time Stones are in my hands, I'll be able to manipulate time and conquer the world! HO, HO, HO, HO!"

Sonic stood on a rock and thought. Robotnik had control on the Little Planet. He had Princess Sally, and soon he would have the Time Stones...but not if Sonic got to them first!

His adventure on the Little Planet was going to be more exciting and dangerous than he'd planned. It was time to get a move on!

Translated from Japanese

Translation by Windii

Little Planet is a small, yet beautiful star. This star comes to the sky above the huge lake Never Lake for one month out of the year.

The planet is also known as the planet of miracles, and it is the home of the Time Stones, mysterious gems that can freely control time.

The Time Stones can turn a desert into a jungle, clean polluted lakes, and other time-crossing wonders.

It was the infamous genius scientist, Dr. Eggman, who took notice of them.

"Little Planet, the star where the Time Stones sleep, is just the right place for my fortress!" He secured Little Planet above Never Lake and began to build a huge fortress. He then set out to acquire all the Time Stones, control time at will, and achieve his ambition of world domination.

Meanwhile, Sonic, who knows nothing about this, goes to Never Lake to see Little Planet...

"What? Sonic's here? ...Well, that's convenient."

Dr. Eggman's eyes lit up as he heard the report, with a fearless smile on his face.

Sonic ran over and saw Little Planet in disarray, secured by chains stretching from the rock. As he looked closer, he saw Dr. Eggman's face on the slope of the rock...
"How dare you, Eggman!"

"This time, I will use my scientific capability to crush you! Then I will collect the Time Stones and conquer the world!"

Dr. Eggman ambushes him with a creepy smile and a blue flash of light that lurks in his shadow...

Sonic has easily crushed Dr. Eggman's ambitions, but will he be able to free Little Planet in front of him?

"It's okay! With a little courage, I can do anything!

Character profiles

Rosie the Rascal

  • Real Name: Amy Rose
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 8
  • Personality: Energetic and tomboyish. Easygoing.
  • Special Skills?: Card reading, dowsing

An energetic and cheerful girl who likes mystical things and fortune telling. She comes to Little Planet by the "divine message of the cards," where she has a fateful? encounter with Sonic. And then...

Doctor Eggman

An evil genius scientist. This time, his goal is the Time Stones. He also wants to take over the world. In order to compete with his rival, Sonic, he builds a mecha that looks just like Sonic.

Metal Sonic

  • MAIN CPU: LIPS A.I. EGGMAN Custom Chip (three units installed in the head area). Logical operations are performed by a fuzzy interaction system in the CPU. Pseudo-neuro connection on each part of the system.
  • SUB CPU: Neo Super FX DSP chip for power control (5 units installed in each part of the body). NEXT RISK chip-III for image correction (8 units installed in the eye area *By RGB)
  • FRAME: Made of monocoque titanium
  • COWLING: Made of reinforced blue metal tektite
  • MAIN ENGINE: 250cc 4-valve orgone fusion engine. Maximum power: 55ps/6800rpm. Maximum torque: 7.54Kg-m/4000rpm
  • SECONDARY ENGINE: Tesla power coil electromagnetic induction power generation. Maximum power: 256Kw
  • Overall height: 765.4 mm
  • Dry weight: 125.2 kg

The ultimate robot created by Eggman. It has the same level of ability as Sonic, and can even go faster than Sonic at a moment's notice. He is in tune with Eggman's will, and sees Sonic as his enemy.


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