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These are the achievements which add to your Gamerscore on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Icon Description Xbox Gamerscore PlayStation trophy
XBLA CompleteTheGame.png Complete the Game 25
Finish the game.
XBLA FastFreeze.png Fast Freeze 25
Complete the IceCap Zone.
XBLA CompleteChaos-GettinSuper.png Complete Chaos 25
Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.
XBLA PointsIII.png Points III 25
Score 80,000 points.
XBLA MarbleFinishes.png Marble Finishes 15
Finish the Marble Garden Zone.
XBLA WetFeet.png Wet Feet 15
Run across water.
XBLA WetAndWild.png Wet and Wild 15
Finish the Hydrocity Zone.
XBLA PointsII.png Points II 15
Score 40,000 points.
XBLA ChaosEmerald-Chaotic.png Chaotic 10
Collect a Chaos Emerald.
XBLA HalfwayThere.png Halfway there... 10
Collect 50 rings.
XBLA GoodieGumballs.png Goodie Gumballs 10
Get a blue gumball.
XBLA PointsI.png Points I 10
Score 20,000 points.
Totals: 200

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