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Development Process

According to Jeff Fowler, after the first film SEGA gave the crew a lot of latitude to outline the broad strokes of the story, character development, character arcs, ect.[1]

Angel Island

When asked if there was ever a draft with Angel Island, Patrick Casey said there was a version where they take the Master Emerald back to Angel Island and a version where Angel Island rise out of the ocean instead of the ocean parting to reveal Labyrinth Zone. There was a back and forth on it and they settled on Labyrinth Zone because if they did Angel Island that way then it would be a one-off location. It felt to them that it would squander it to use it in that way as a minor plot device. Another thing with that is if it was on earth would that make any sense. Pat Casey also says that they could maybe return to Angel Island in a sequel to do a bigger thing with it.[2]

There was also a draft where Angel Island was crumbling without the Master Emerald. When Knuckles first meets Robotnik he would have taken him to Angel Island to show him how its falling into the ocean a piece at a time and why he needs the emerald back so bad. The writers ultimately decided they needed to get the characters to earth and they couldn't take a big detour like that.[2]

Concept art


Giant Eggman Robot

The Giant Eggman Robot, based on the Death Egg Robot from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit), was designed by Michal Kus.[3]

Giant Eggman Robot interior

Project Shadow


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