Sonic the Hedgehog (Troll Associates book)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (Troll Associates book)
Illustrator: Glen Hanson (interior), Greg Wary (cover)
Publisher: Troll Associates
Genre: Novel
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 0-8167-3199-3 (original), 0-8167-3782-7 (special edition)
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1993 $? ?

Sonic the Hedgehog is a novel, written for children ages 4 through 8. It takes place in the same universe as SatAM and the Archie comics, but deviates from it in certain cases.

Product Description

He's blue, he's cool, and boy is he fast! Meet Sonic The Hedgehog as he leaps out of the video-game screen and into the pages of his very own book. This exciting story has a cast including Sonic, his friends, and the evil Dr. Robotnik. It contains information such as:
  • how Robotnik came to rule the Planet
  • how Sonic met Sally
  • how Sonic got those super red sneakers
  • and much more!

So fasten your seat belt and let the adventure begin!


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