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For the website of the same name, see Sonic Scene (website).

The Sonic scene is a collective of multiple websites and message boards with Sonic information, and has been around in some form since the mid 1990s, although the hacking side really took hold in 1999.

Please add whatever you can to this section. Due to the likely size of the page, I'm linking the sceners list to a separate page, this especially needs to include everyone who actually does stuff for the scene. This is also currently just a framework to help spurn people to add information, I myself actually remember very little of the specifics, which is one reason I want this section as complete as possible. The C64 scene had nearly 2 decades to catch up with once their database was opened, so we shouldn't be too bad off =P. - LocalH 02:02, 21 Sep 2004 (MDT)


Index of major sites

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