Sonic Zero: Remastered

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Sonic Zero: Remastered
Latest version: 3.0
Latest release date: 08/01/10
Engine: Sonic Worlds
Credits: Rael0505, LarkSS, Sparks

Sonic Zero: Remastered is a fan game currently in development by Mr.Kaosu, LarkSS, and Sparks. Sonic Zero: Remastered was originally just Sonic Zero, and was developed by Max Stunner in 2001. Since then, ownership is now in Kaosu's hands.

The first demo of Sonic Zero: Remastered was released during SAGE 14, and was given a rating and gameplay video by Lacktardo. The video was highly praised by many viewers as well as others who played the game. However, most criticism was against the sprites, and a small occasion the level layout. Since then, the game has taken a development leap into what it is today with the help of LarkSS and Sparks. Sonic Zero: Remastered is currently scheduled for SAGE 15, with the new Generic Garden Zone.


After Sonic the Hedgehog defeated Dr. Robotniks last scheme from the Palmtree Parkway Zone, things became easy. However, a disturbance in the Season Islands has gained attention from Sonic and Tails. The two take pursue and discover a certain army of Ducks has taken over, and began building their own fleet of Badniks as well. Meanwhile, the Master Emerald has gone missing...


The engine of Sonic Zero: Remastered is that of Sonic Worlds. The game itself is also meant to be an example of the powers of Sonic Worlds, an example of how it can be modified, and how useful the engine can be. Graphics and controls are borrowed from the Genesis era games.

Character wise, you have a choice between Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. All characters retain their original abilities from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, sans Sonic who now has the Super Peel out as well. Level layout is designed with all three players in mind, and includes vasts amount of exploration and alternate route possibilities, making the game comparable to Sonic 2 and Sonic 3K.

Item wise, all the traditional items from Sonic 2 are present, as well as the Robotnik monitor, and Element Shields from Sonic 3K. The Homing Attack shield from Sonic 3D Blast also returns, as well as the Combi-Ring from Knuckles' Chaotix.


The Zones in Sonic Zero: Remastered follow a pattern of four islands called the Season Islands, which respectively go from Spring, Summer, Fall, then finally Winter. Two Zones occupy each island.

As of the SAGE 15 demo, around 3 zones have had graphics worked on at least.

Generic Garden Zone

The game begins on Spring Island, in the techo-water station version of the traditional grass zone.

Raving Rig Zone

The Chemical Plant of Sonic Zero; along the coastlines of Spring Island, this nighttime rig has an oddly scarce amount of oil.

Seafoam Spelunk Zone

The entrance to the the Summer Island is underground through the submerged caverns.

Future zones will be added to the list as the game development progresses.