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System(s): Windows 95
Developer: Sega Technical Institute
Planned release date: 1996-1997
Genre: Action
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SonicPC is an iteration of Sonic X-treme for Windows 95 PCs. Indendently developed by Sega Technical Institute developers Ofer Alon and Chris Senn, the project was a response to Point of View's early 1996 takeover of their work. While pitched to SegaSoft in 1997, they declined to fund the game, ending the project entirely.


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Following Robert Morgan and Point of View's forceful intervention into the game's production, lead developers Ofer Alon and Chris Senn took this as an offense. As a result, they began development of SonicPC, a continuation of Alon's game editor and engine on Windows 95 PCs. Developed concurrently with the main Sega Saturn version of the game, it was eventually pitched to SegaSoft in 1997. Unfortunately, the game was turned down, leaving Alon's editor and the team's work entirely unreleased.

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