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Revision as of 13:58, 5 April 2009 by Josh (talk | contribs) (I remember submitting hoaxes in 2000, WTGB came out in 2000, and one'a my first memories of 2001 is seeing a funny quote about the current date (1/1/01) at the top of his page.)
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Sonic Vegemite
Current owner(s): Matt the Yak
Type of site: Hoaxes and Sprites
Created on: 2000
Current status: Online

Sonic Vegemite was founded by Matt the Yak AKA Estel in 2000, evolving from his own personal site, Yakpage. It is mostly a humor site with a massive hoaxes section as well as the site's trademark "What Cheeses Me Off!" section, where users can submit an article about things that they despise and Matt will personally answer them and put them online. The site also boasts a large MIDI section.

Named after the popular Australian food condiment vegemite, the name is meant to be a pun of the Sega Saturn compilation disc Sonic Jam. It is one of the few Sonic sites that has little to no information on the Sonic game series, hence the site's slogan, "Because you already know what the games are called." As Matt put it, "If I was to put a game info section on this page, what would I do? Copy-paste from GHZ?".

Also responsible for the fangame When Tails Gets Bored.

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