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Windmill Isle Day Act 1[1]

SWA preview windmill isle act 1 day.png
  • Nearly identical to the final game
  • Slightly buggier collision, Sonic is able to get hitched on stray collision occasionally.
  • The only SET data difference is that the final Quickstep section lacks spikes.

Windmill Isle Day Act 2[2]

SWA preview windmill isle act 2 day.png
  • Same as Act 1, this stage is nearly indiscernible from the final game.
  • There are a few minor SET differences
  • Camera angles are slightly different during the Rail Grinding segments.

Windmill Isle Day Act 3[3]

SWA preview windmill isle act 3 day.png
  • This level has finalized lighting and geometry.
  • The SET data is very incomplete.
  • The camera is far too zoomed in to see properly while playing.
  • This stage lacks any music.

Windmill Isle Day "Act 4"[4]

SWA preview windmill isle act 4 day.png
  • This level has no geometry.
  • The SET data is an exact duplicate of Act 3.

Windmill Isle Night Act 1[5]

SWA preview windmill isle act 1 night.png
  • Geometry and lighting are finalized
  • SET data has minor differences such as ring placements and enemy varieties


Rooftop Run Day Act 1[6]

SWA preview rooftop run 1 day.png
  • Nearly identical to the final.
  • Some scripting is unfinished, leading to occasional unfortunate deaths or fails.
  • Some of the camera angles are a work-in-progress.

Rooftop Run Day Act 2[7]

SWA preview rooftop run 2 day.png
  • The scripting for the 2D section is completely broken, so the player has to use Debug Mode to break into 3D to explore the level.
  • The SET data is completely unfinished, and the level is near impossible to traverse.
  • The lap counter hasn't been implemented here yet so the stage isn't even beatable.
  • No music plays.

Rooftop Run Day Act 3[8]

SWA preview rooftop run 3 day.png
  • The Chao aren't present, but in their place are a pair of overlapping rings, which can be collected and do end the stage when all are collected.
  • The SET data is unfinished, with most platforms, enemies, and rings not put into the stage yet.
  • No music.

Rooftop Run Day Act 4[9]

SWA preview rooftop run 4.png
  • The lighting is unfinished.
  • There's no scripting to speak of, so Sonic isn't locked into a Quickstep section, and the loop-de-loop can bug out sometimes.
  • There are no Aero-Chasers present, just a bunch of Egg Fighters littered about the stage.
  • No music.

Rooftop Run Day Act 5[10]

SWA preview rooftop run 5 day.png
  • The concept for the level is here, but the SET data is completely different.
  • The level design just... stops, at one point, and Sonic gets dumped off of a grind rail into a pit.
  • There's no goal ring present, so the stage is unbeatable even if you use Debug Mode.
  • No music.

Rooftop Run Night Act 1[11]

SWA preview rooftop run act 1 night A.png
SWA preview rooftop run act 1 night B.png
  • The skybox parameters seem to have been set incorrectly, so there are low-poly buildings from the skybox littered throughout the level.
    • This is only supposed to occur when the player enters the clock tower in the final build, and can be when clipping out of the tower.
    • Thankfully, they have no collision so the player can press onward without worry.
  • The goal ring is present directly at the beginning of the level, however the rest of the level is explorable.
  • The SET data is incomplete.
    • There are swinging hammers littered about the level's first third, they can't hurt you but they're just.. there.
    • There are no enemies in the level.
    • The Clocktower has no gears or platforms inside of it, but does have some poles halfway up, but still the level ends there if you don't have debug mode.
    • There are buttons to open doors in place of what are supposed to be puzzles.

Rooftop Run Night Act 2[12]

SWA preview rooftop run 2 night.png
  • The game immediately crashes the second the player takes a step forward.
    • You are able to pan the camera around briefly, however.
  • The stage seems to just have incomplete SET data from what's able to be gleamed.
  • No music.

Tornado Defense Act 1[13]

SWA preview tornado defense 1.png
  • Stage is much much more difficult than the final.
  • A large amount of enemies spawn at a time.
  • Stage is basically impossible to beat.


Savannah Citadel Day Act 1[14]

SWA preview savannah 1 day.png
  • Nearly identical to the final game.
  • Some SET data is slightly different, stage specific gimmicks are all WIP.
  • Scripting is early on, can lead to deaths occasionally.

Savannah Citadel Day Act 2[15]

SWA preview savannah 2 day.png
  • Geometry and lighting are final, but level is incomplete otherwise.
  • Lap counter isn't implemented yet, so the goal ring is just sitting directly behind the starting point.
  • No music.

Savannah Citadel Day Act 4[16]

SWA preview savannah 4 day.png
  • SET data is barren.
  • The level ends early, and past the goal ring objects are even sparser.
  • No music.

Savannah Citadel Night Act 1[17]

SWA preview savannah 1 night A.png
SWA preview savannah 1 night B.png
  • There are less enemies throughout the stage, and the enemies that are present are of more menial varieties than the final.
    • This is most likely because the Werehog deals a pitiful amount of damage and attacks extremely slowly in this build.
  • SET data is unfinished, with most puzzles not being properly implemented yet.
    • As such, most doors are either impassable or opened with simple switches. You need to use Debug Mode to complete the stage.

Savannah Citadel Night Act 2[18]

SWA preview savannah 2 night.png
  • Geometry is incomplete. The balancing rails just stop halfway through the level so you can't pass any further.
    • Unbeatable via normal means due to this, you need to use Debug to get to the goal ring.
  • No music.

Savannah Citadel Night Act 4[19]

SWA preview savannah 4 night.png
  • Lighting, geometry, and SET data are all very unfinished.
  • 0 scripting is present, and thus Sonic can't even grab onto ledges.
  • No goal ring is present.
  • No music.
  • Contains a very unfinished object layout behind the start, this layout somewhat lines up with the terrain of Act 1[20].


Something to note about this country is that all stages lack their ice physics.

Cool Edge Day Act 1[21]

SWA preview cool edge 1 day.png
SWA preview cool edge 1 dayB.png
  • Some sound effects for the stage gimmicks such as the whale are missing.
  • The sled physics aren't quite there yet, so it can be a little harder to maneuver the sled areas than the final.
  • Mostly complete SET data for the first half of the level.
  • Halfway into the stage, the goal ring appears early.
    • If you bypass the goal ring using Debug, the rest of the level seems to have finalized geometry, but with unfinished SET data and scripting.

Cool Edge Day Act 4[22]

SWA preview cool edge 4 day.png
  • SET data is very basic, only having rings and jump panels.
  • Lighting is basic.
  • The water looks strange.
  • Grind Rails work incorrectly, as Sonic seems somehow magnetized to them, unable to jump from rail to rail.
  • The gimmick where the player has to go through the level a second time in reverse hasn't been implemented, and thus the stage ends early.
  • No music.

Cool Edge Night Act 1[23]

SWA preview cool edge 1 night.png
  • For some reason, this level, and only this specific level, is capped at 30 FPS. The rest of the game is uncapped.
  • The SET data is very early on. There are sparingly few objects present, and no rings.
    • The majority of puzzles aren't implemented, as such, the majority of doors open with a simple switch.
  • No enemies are present, making the stage feel very lonely.
  • Despite being so early on, this stage is beatable via normal means.

Cool Edge Night Act 2[24]

SWA preview cool edge 2 night.png
  • No scripting asides from ledges has been done yet.
  • No objects, asides from a goal ring at the start.
  • No music.


Dragon Road Day Act 1[25]

SWA preview dragon road 1 day.png
  • A very complete stage, this stage just has minor SET differences and a few models are slightly different.
    • Most notably of the changed models, the "pie-piece" platforms are hollowed out rather than full like the final.
  • The water running portions of the stage are significantly more difficult, as drifting on water in this version build is much more difficult.

Dragon Road Day Act 2[26]

SWA preview dragon road 2 day.png
  • Probably the most complete sub-act, both the lighting and geometry are finalized.
  • However, the SET data is a lot less polished and the scripting breaks extremely easily.
    • It's very easy to break out of 2D and die.
  • Still, the looping function works properly and the level is actually properly completable.
  • No music.

Dragon Road Day Act 5[27]

SWA preview dragon road 5 day.png
*Unfinished geometry and lighting.
  • The water seems to be using a placeholder texture despite Act 1 using the final texture.
  • Level is has very few objects, and the looping function isn't implemented so you cannot complete the stage.
  • As with Act 1, the increases difficulty of performing a water drift makes the stage a lot harder.
  • No music.

Dragon Road Night Act 1[28]

SWA preview dragon road 1 night.png
SWA preview dragon road 1 night boss arena.png
  • This is probably the most incomplete out of all the main stages, with early lighting, geometry, and barren SET data.
  • The entirety of the sectioned-off area from the final game is explorable and has collision. There are even enemies and doors present.
    • This area was later repurposed for Dragon Road Act 1-2, but was supposed to be apart of the main stage.
  • The geometry for the Dark Gaia Phoenix battle is present, but has no collision. Could this imply that the boss was originally supposed to be apart of the level itself?

Dragon Road Night Act 2[29]

SWA preview dragon road 2 night.png
  • Incomplete lighting.
  • No scripting has been done yet.
  • No music.

Dragon Road Night Act 3[30]

SWA preview dragon road 3 night.png
  • No scripting has been done yet.
  • No objects.
  • No music.

Unloadable Stages

Additionally while the follow stages seem to be present in the install menu, attempting to load them will cause a crash:

  • Windmill Isle Night Act 2 [31]
  • Savannah Citadel Day Act 3 [32]
  • Cool Edge Day Act 2 [33]
  • Cool Edge Day Act 3 [34]
  • Dragon Road Day Act 3 (Folder seems to be entirely missing) [35]
  • Dragon Road Day Act 4 [36]
  • All stages for Shamar, Empire City, Adabat, and Eggmanland, due to the files not being present on disc 1.



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