Sonic Universe Book Four: Journey to the East

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Journey to the East
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Type: Trade paperback
Page count: 112[1]
ISBN-10: 1936975343[1]
ISBN-13: 978-1936975341[1]
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2013-01-23[2] $11.99[1] ?
Book Three: Knuckles Returns | Book Five: The Tails Adventure

Sonic Universe Book Four: Journey to the East is the fourth volume in the line of Sonic Universe trade paperbacks from Archie Comics. It collects issues #13 through #16 of Sonic Universe, portions of "The Road We Take" from Sonic the Hedgehog #212, and bonus material.

Official solicitations

Original solicitation

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Sonic leads Tails, Sally and Monkey Khan to the other side of Mobius to the beautiful and mysterious Dragon Kingdom! Four ninja clans have sworn fealty to the Iron Queen and her Iron Dominion, and it's up to Sonic to get them to break away! New and old faces abound in this world-spanning foreign adventure! Collects the entire 'Journey to the East' storyline from Sonic Universe #13-16 plus exclusive special features!"[3]

Final solicitation

Sonic Universe is the hit spin-off series to Archie Comic’s wildly successful Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series! Explore the characters, worlds and dimensions of Sonic’s universe!

The Iron Dominion has won! New Mobotropolis has fallen, and Sonic has barely managed to escape with a handful of friends. What's a heroic hedgehog to do? Find a new way to fight back--that's what! Sonic leads Tails, Princess Sally and Monkey Khan on a whirlwind tour of the mysterious Dragon Kingdom. Can they break the Iron Dominion's powerbase in its own homeland? Can our heroes survive their encounter with four vicious ninja clans? All the action and answers are here![1]

Journey to the East collects Sonic Universe #13-16.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Endless Reach of Fate

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Chapter 2: High Price for Rich Nights

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Chapter 3: No Love in a Conquering Storm

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Chapter 4: A World Under Constant Vigil

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic Universe #16

Extra Feature: The Roads We Take

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic the Hedgehog #212
Reprints pages 6 through 13, 19, and 20.

Off Panel

Reprints of the four Off-Panel strips originally published in Sonic Universe issues #13 through #16.

Special Features

The special features included are:

  • The original script pages for pages 8 through 11 of Sonic Universe #16.
  • Pencil layouts for pages 8 through 11 of Sonic Universe #16.
  • Updated design concepts of Li Moon, Li Yuen, Monkey Khan, and a Yagyu Minion. Art by Ian Flynn.


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Production credits

Journey to the East
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The Roads We Take
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Archie Comics Publications, Inc.
  • Publisher/Co-CEO: Jonathan Goldwater
  • Co-CEO: Nancy Silberkleit
  • President: Mike Pellerito
  • Co-President/Editor-in-Chief: Victor Gorelick
  • Senior Vice President Sales/Business Development: Jim Sokolowski
  • Senior Vice President Publishing/Operations: Harold Buchholz
  • Executive Director of Editorial/Compilation Editor: Paul Kaminski
  • Assistant Editor: Vincent Lovallo
  • Production Manager: Stephen Oswald
  • Proofreader/Editorial Assistant: Jamie Lee Rotante
  • Design Intern: Elizabeth Borgatti
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