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Sonic Triple Trouble SMS
Last release: 2009/5/30, 00:15 GMT
System: Sega Master System
Original game: [[]]
Credits: Glitch
Sonic Triple Trouble SMS is a Master System port, by Glitch, of the original Sonic Triple Trouble, which was released only for the Game Gear and never got a Master System version, not even an obscure one like it happened with Sonic Blast.
  • Palette load/fade routines
  • Pause button
  • Button 1/2 take the place of the GG start button
  • Title screen (...ish. See if you can spot the bug)
  • Rewrote HUD placement code.
Working but faulty:
  • Camera can pass the level bounds
  • Problems with camera in SPZ act 3
  • Some music designed for GG stereo sounds odd in mono
Known bugs:
  • Knuckles object in the intro sequence
  • Garbage object on the title cards
  • Garbage on the score cards
  • Demo sequences
  • Water level in time attack mode
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