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Debug features

Hidden in the SUBPROG directory on the game disc are files for debug tools, including a model viewer, a level viewer, and a character viewer. By replacing TITLE.BIN with these files, it is possible to access these features in-game:[1]

Model Viewer (MDLVIEW.BIN)

SonicShuffle DC MDLVIEW.BIN.png

This tool allows the user to view all the models and textures used in the game, including character models and scenery props. It can crash easily, usually when the user changes the model ID or texture ID and the tool likely can't find it when A is pressed, so the user must be careful. Video.

Level Viewer (TEST_0.BIN)

SonicShuffle DC TEST0.BIN.png

This tool allows the user to freely view each of the boards in the game (as well as their textures) using a Dreamcast Keyboard and Mouse. It includes the Gindows debug system very similar to those used in Rez and the Scud Race SDK sample from the Dreamcast SDK. Video.

High Poly Viewer (HPVIEW.BIN)

SonicShuffle DC HPVIEW.BIN.png

This tool allows the user to view the character models used in cutscenes. The user can cycle through their animations, open or close their mouths using the L and R triggers, and edit the lighting, although only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Lumina, Illumina and Void can be viewed. Video.

The tool's name, "High Poly Viewer", comes from 1ST_READ.BIN.


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