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#S2Beta is the official IRC channel for The Sonic 2 Beta Page (formerly Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta). Its current location is on The original AfterNET #sws2b was registered in mid-2005.

At first, S2B's Tech Members were automatically given op status within the channel, a power structure which often resulted in more ops than 'ordinary' members. It also rendered op powers essentially meaningless, since a majority of the regular users have them. This structure was abandoned in 2006, and the channel currently has five or six ops.

#S2Beta has a far more informal nature than the S2B forums, almost to the point of having a completly different personality - frequent meme usage, CAPS ABUSE, non-sequitor conversations and monolouges, and so on. Most prominently, those banned or PAed on the forums (for example Wetflame) can join the chat freely.

Server History

The channel was originally registered to voice on the AfterNET IRC Network in early May 2005. It was actually an offshoot of #randomsonicnet on the same network, and the first regular users were regulars in #rsn; however, #sws2b quickly grew much larger than the (still-inactive) #rsn. AfterNET's open-proxy blacklist scans caused too much trouble for the channel, and in April 2006, voice decided to move it to CulTNET, the server for Sonic CulT. Sazpaimon set up a special sub-server for SWS2B that lacked fsay capabilities.

On June 12, 2006, the channel moved to the Tetraq IRC server.

In September 2006, the channel was given official status and moved back to the Sonic CulT server.

December 2006 saw the channel move to its own server at in an apparent attempt to stop rampant IRCop abuse.

In September 2007 the channel was moved to #retro to reflect the forums' new name. It is on BadnikNET, a dedicated IRC network for #retro.

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