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Jobs to do.

Unfinished projects

Things that you could do right now

  • Omni templates (e.g. Sonic Adventure)
  • Page layouts - see sega:User:Hivebrain/Article_plan
  • Bullet points -> prose where applicable
  • Migrate magazine article pages to new style
  • References -> cdn:Category:Shared magazine scans
  • Renaming (moving) Japanese-translated page names to what they're actually called, as opposed to what you think they should be called
    • e.g. ソニックの時限列車 -> "Sonic no Jigen Ressha", not "Sonic's Time Limit Train"
  • Use Creditstable template
  • Remove/replace dead links/pointless plugs to other sites
  • Much better prototype coverage
  • Absorb everything
  • "EU" releases/scans/whatever may need splitting up into UK, FR, DE, ES, IT etc.
  • Do something with the Sonic 2 REV02 info dump
  • Known birthplaces, date of births, date of deaths and Twitter handles should be added/moved to the Bobs on voice actor pages.

Things to mirror

Hidden content

Move cheat codes to hidden content -> Category:Hidden content

Flash games

Retro CDN


  • Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos Crush
  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus Mini
  • Sonic Rivals Dash
  • Sonic Boom Link and Smash
  • Sonic Speedway
  • Slider puzzle
  • Sonic Team mini toys
  • Rush Adventure?