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The Sonic Retro IRC channel, known simply as #retro, was the official IRC channel for Sonic Retro. Hosted on BadnikNET, it was the primary source for instant communication between members of the Sonic Retro community, outside of the forums.

Though it still technically exists, it has largely been abandoned in favor of the Sonic Retro Discord server


The IRC channel began life on the AfterNET IRC Network as #sws2b, created during the active operation of Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page. The channel was initially registered to a member of the Sonic Internet community named voice, owner and operator of the website Random Sonic Net. As such, #sws2b was technically an off-shoot of #randomsonicnet, though it quickly grew larger than the latter channel. While it was named after Simon Wai's site, the channel was not officially sanctioned by the staff of The Sonic 2 Beta Page.

After some disagreements concerning AfterNET's operation, the channel was briefly moved to CulTNET in April of 2006. On June 12, 2006, the channel then moved to the Tetraq IRC server. On September 6th, 2006, the channel moved once again, this time to BadnikNET. The move also signaled a change in how #sws2b was connect to The Sonic 2 Beta Page, becoming the official IRC channel for the site.

The channel would later be renamed to #retro following The Sonic 2 Beta Page's merge with Sonic Retro.

IRC bots

An example of Tina reporting

Over the course of its operation, a number of IRC bots were created for the benefit of the #retro's users. The first of these, named Tina, was created by Xkeeper. The bot was set up to report on wiki and forum updates. Initially, Tina would report directly in #retro. After some feedback, a separate channel called #reporting was set up exclusively for the bot. In response to the move, user Metal_Man88 created a bot called Metal_Sonic whose sole purpose was to reintroduce Tina's reporting feed back into #retro. The following month, Spazpaimon created a new IRC bot named Sheena, a service that allowed users to opt into forum and wiki reporting.

Both Metal_Sonic and Sheena would eventually shut down, while Tina continued to exist in #reporting.

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