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Sonic Quest: The Death Egg Saga #1
"The Death Egg Saga"
Writer: Mike Gallagher
Pencils: Manny Galan, Jay Oliveras, Jeff Powell, Kyle Hunter, Freddy Mendez, Victor Gorelick
Cover artist: Patrick Spaziante, Rich Koslowski
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1996-10-02[1] $1.50 ?
199x $1.65 ?
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Sonic Quest 1 is the first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series Sonic Quest mini-series, the first of three parts.

It takes place after the events of issue #41, detailing the adventures of the new Death Egg saga and the aftermath of retrieving Maximillian Acorn from the Zone of Silence.


Continued from issue 41.

Another day begins in Knothole, as dawn breaks over the quiet village. In a nearby bush, Geoffrey St. John peeks through, spying on the village. He breaks through the bush and slowly walks toward the nearest hut in the village. Despite trying to stay quiet, Sonic the Hedgehog catches up, as he jumps down from a tree, demanding why Geoffrey is going somewhere prohibited. The two start to argue, as Geoffrey notes that he has been asked to come to the hut. Sonic doesn't believe him, until Sally Acorn runs to the two, telling him that she gave him authorization. She leads the two in the cottage, where King Acorn is being kept.

They walk in, meeting up with all the other Freedom Fighters who are standing around a bed holding the King. King Acorn, however, has changed since he arrived, his body now half-covered in a green crystal-like state. Despite this, he is still awake, but sputtering incoherent phrases. Geoffrey is shocked at this sight, as Sally updates everybody on his condition. Although Doctor Quack was able to stabilize him, he still does not remember anything from his past, and half his body has been crystallized for an unknown reason. Due to this, and to avoid panic, she has chosen not to reveal the King's return to anybody else outside the Freedom Fighters. To keep this up, Sally asks Geoffrey to return to his old duty as guard to the King, guarding the hut and keeping their secret. Not wanting to disappoint the royalty, he agrees and posts himself outside of the hut.

With Geoffrey posted outside, Sally turns to Rotor and asks him if he can do anything. He is unsure if he can do anything, though he believes that the King adjusted to the Zone of Silence, thereby, the air of their world could be adversely affecting him. Tails, at the side of the bed, points out the similarity of the green crystal skin structure to the Chaos Emeralds, giving all the Freedom Fighters ideas, especially since there were no Chaos Emeralds visible in the Zone of Silence. Sonic is quick to respond, running back to his hut and bringing back his one billionth ring. He brings the ring close to the King, which covers him in a bright blue aura that brings him active for a moment, but he quickly reverts back to his comatose-like state and falls back on his pillow. This gives Rotor an idea. As Sonic's ring is his own, it may not help the King, but by getting unused rings, they could help.

Bunnie Rabbot expresses her concerns about getting rings, as they could be hurt in the zones where Sonic typically gets them. Tails, however, notes that they can get rings from the Lake of Rings. Sally agrees, although Tails is thinking of a grotto near Robotropolis, recalls the fight between Knuckles and Sonic at the lake, which she believes resulted in the sealing of the subterranean ring source. She believes she knows of the real Lake of Rings: the lake Sonic fell into when escaping Robotnik's second wave of Combots. Intent on getting some rings, she orders the Freedom Fighters to break into three groups: Antoine and Bunnie to investigate the Lake of Rings, Sonic and Tails to investigate the grotto, and she and Rotor to keep an eye on the King. The two groups head out to find the rings.

Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, Robotnik strolls along a corridor with Snively and a couple of SWATbots, approaching a hangar bay. Preparing to 'ascend', he tells Snively that he will continue the Robotropolis rebuilding efforts. They approach a console, which shows a large space station, prompting Snively to ask if they are ready for Robotnik's arrival. Robotnik shows the display to Snively, stating that they are right on schedule, and that he wants to be there right when the station is operational. He boards his eggmobile, telling Snively that although the earthquake hampered the efforts of his station, he got the bots on schedule, hoping Snively will take after them to keep up the rebuilding efforts. He blasts off out of the hangar, leaving Snively to chuckle at the power he has been handed. He orders the two SWATbots guarding him to stop their rebuilding efforts and to start pampering him, and to give him a new uniform. The SWATbots, meanwhile, talk to themselves, wondering why he isn't ordering them to perform border patrols.

Right as the SWATbots ponder this, Sonic and Tails arrive at the edge of Robotropolis on their way to the grotto. They are having difficulty finding it, on account of the battle between Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles completely changing the area. As well, their spy cameras have been destroyed by the numerous bombings in Robotropolis. Suddenly, Sonic stops on a rock as he witnesses something he wasn't prepared for: the grotto, but it has been completely covered by an impenetrable steel dome. Sonic wonders who may have installed the dome, remembering that an airborne group of Freedom Fighters led by a bird named Carl Condor live nearby. Tails offers to stay behind and watch the dome, as Sonic heads off to find these Freedom Fighters to get some answers.

Just after Sonic leaves, the dome starts to open up. Tails, fearing for the worst, jumps into a nearby bush and pops his head up to watch. A large tube drops down from high in the sky and slams into the grotto, vacuuming all the rings from the pond. Tails runs off to tell Sonic, but before he can, the vacuum moves up from the grotto and starts to suck everything in the area: including Tails. He can't get any grip, as he is sucked right into the vacuum tube.

In the meantime, Sonic reaches a vast canyon-like area, standing on an outcropping. He calls out to see if he can get Carl Condor's attention, but, as he does, he notices the sun starting to eclipse, something that is not due to occur. He thinks about the situation, knowing that Rotor would've told him about an eclipse ahead of time. He looks up at the eclipsing object, realizing that it is not a normal object in the sky, but rather, oval shaped. At the same time, somebody passes by Sonic at a very fast speed, followed by another. Suddenly, from below, Carl Condor appears...roboticized, challenging Sonic. Taking him by surprise, it knocks Sonic out, and grabs him by the talons, as the mysterious eclipsing object seems to watch, with two red eyes.

In the object in space, Robotnik looks at a monitor, watching the progress of his vacuum. He then realizes that the SWATbot operating it forgot to shut it off as it exited the grotto, therefore, bringing in a ton of debris that will delay him, as they will need to separate the rings from the debris. In anger, he punches the SWATbot and throws him into a garbage chute. He moves along into a cockpit, realizing that he needs no assistance from his bots to perform his evil deeds. As the view zooms out, Robotnik, visible through the red window of the cockpit, announces his early victory: the complete roboticization of Mobius, all the while, watching high-above in his new weapon...

...the moon-like Death Egg.

Continued in Sonic Quest 2.

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