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Sonic Month 2019 is an event among the Sonic scene that took place between October 25th and November 16th, 2019, where drx of Hidden Palace in conjunction with The Cutting Room Floor released several major prototypes of Sonic the Hedgehog games over a span of four weeks. The releases were spread out across a span of four weeks, with a livestream of the prototypes taking place on Twitch each Saturday at 2pm Pacific time (10pm GMT), with the ROMs released after each stream has ended.

Of the prototypes that were released, there were 8 Sonic the Hedgehog CD prototypes, 3 Sonic Chaos prototypes, 2 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 prototypes, and 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 prototype. A bonus release, the Sega MultiMedia Studio demo disc, was also released as a bonus surprise for TCRF's 10th birthday.

Prototype list

October 25

October 26

SonicCD621 MCD TitleScreen.png

November 2

SonicChaos517 GG TitleScreen.png
SonicChaos630 SMS TitleScreen.png
SonicChaos713 SMS TitleScreen.png

November 9

S2b4 titlescreen.png

November 10

S2b title.png

November 16

Sonic3Proto MD TitleScreen.png

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