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Art Description
A strange image of a blurry block with the Japanese character あ, which means "Ah". Found in 12logo.tpl.

ROM file

An uncompressed ROM of the Japanese version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (sonic3.bin) can be found in the root of the disc. All other ROMs that are used by the collection are stored in sonic/us/roms.

EX Jinsei Game II leftovers


The files resident.tpl, gm_resident.tpl, and gm_resident2.tpl contain a vast amount of graphics. However, these graphics are for another game called EX Jinsei Game II, a PlayStation 2 game developed for Takara by VR-1 Japan that was released after this game (November 2003). VR-1 Japan had previously developed Jinsei Game titles for Takara under the name of "POW Games"[1].


  • There is a directory called "test002", which seems to be used for testing models to convert across other formats. There is a .max file, a .bat file, as well as many other files.


Sonic Mega Collection (prototype; 2002-08-15), prototype version of Sonic Mega Collection
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