Sonic Mars (Opening) Part 4

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This is the final part to the opening of Sonic Mars, which was a early concept of Sonic X-treme. The images and text were taken from the leaked Micheal Kosaka Script.

SM Intro 9zp.png Sonic opens the doors and casts a long shadow.
SM Intro 9zq.png Sonic: Heck, if I weren't so good, I'd say this was too easy...
SM Intro 9zr.png Elevator doors open.
SM Intro 9zs.png Top down view, inside elevator

Sonic: Hmm. What have we got here...

SM Intro 9zt.png Sonic: Here we go!
SM Intro 9zu.png The elevator door opens, revealing Sonic.
SM Intro 9zv.png A long corridor appears.
SM Intro 9zw.png Sonic: Yo! Butt-meister! What's shakin?!
SM Intro 9zx.png Sonic: What's this?!
SM Intro 9zy.png
  • VR1 Program Running
  • VRobotnik World
  • Percentage Complete: 91%

91% ticks to 92%

SM Intro 9zz.png Sonic: I sure could use Sal about now. Oh, well. When in doubt, hit the ol' return key...
SM Intro 9zza.png
  • Lifeform Transmissions: 5
  • Ready for next Transfer_
SM Intro 9zzb.png Sonic: Seems the butt-nik has taken the crew for a ride.
SM Intro 9zzc.png Sonic: Well, I'm gettin' nowhere fast just standin' here.
SM Intro 9zzd.png Sonic jumps on a platform.
SM Intro 9zze.png Sonic: Hmm.. no comprende, senor.
SM Intro 9zzf.png Sonic: It could be outta juice. Maybe, I should tr...
SM Intro 9zzg.png Sonic: YYYIII!!!
SM Intro 9zzh.png Sonic teleports to the VR world this game takes place.
SM Intro 9zzi.png

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