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Sonic Klik & Play Collection
Latest version: 1.0
Latest release date: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Engine: Klik & Play
Credits: Martin Braid, Magnus Andersson,
Physik Multimedia, Damian Grove

Sonic Klik & Play Collection is a compilation of Sonic Klik & Play fan games, packaged and released by saxman. It was released in 1998, around the time fan games were beginning to catch on in a big way in the Sonic online community. The compilation includes Sonic Boom, by Martin Braid; Tails and the Quest of 100 Rings, by Magnus Andersson (aka mightydillo); and Sonic PC, by Physik Multimedia. The first two games were the first and second Sonic fan games respectively ever released. Tails and the Quest of 100 Rings is of particular interest here, because the version included in Sonic Klik & Play Collection is no longer downloadable since it was only a demo at the time.


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