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[[Category:{Picp_Games}|]] In 1994, Sega launched the Pico, a learning device aimed at infants which was based on the Genesis hardware, and ran educational game software which came on modules that were a hybrid of game cartridges and books. It is well known that one Sonic the Hedgehog title was released for this device (it was named Sonic the Hedgehog's Game World). However, there had been plans for a completely different Sonic the Hedgehog game to appear on the Pico earlier in the console's life.

One of the earliest games available for the Sega Pico was Ecco Jr. - a game based on the Ecco the Dolphin franchise which starred a young Ecco (Ecco Junior) on an educational adventure. Around the time of this game's release, there was an announcement that there would be similar games starring the younger selves of other Sega characters to follow, including a "Sonic the Hedgehog Jr.".

Unfortunately, no further information about Sonic the Hedgehog Jr. was ever given, and the game was of course never released (it probably never made it off the drawing board), so the world never got a glimpse of what adventures the infant Sonic the Hedgehog was going to go on.

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