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Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.


Code Effect
04017338 60000000
04218a2c 4e800020
04218af4 4e800020
04219274 4e800020
042190dc 4e800020
04218e10 4e800020
04218f94 4e800020
Stub out USB I/O Calls [Sewer56]

// Commented:

80017338 60000000 // NOP Call to function that inits USB I/O

80218a2c 4e800020 // Stub out HIOEnumDevices

80218af4 4e800020 // Stub out HIOInit

80219274 4e800020 // Stub out HIORead

802190dc 4e800020 // Stub out HIORead (Overload)

80218e10 4e800020 // Stub out HIOReadMailbox

80218f94 4e800020 // Stub out HIOWriteMailbox

C2022C90 00000004
7C0C0378 2C050003
40820008 38A00001
7D806378 90A3FF78
60000000 00000000
Replace Easy Menu with System Mode X [Sewer56]

Replace 38A0000X (end of third line) with desired system mode:

  • 0 = PAL Select
  • 1 = Menu
  • 2 = InGame
  • 3 = EasyMenu
  • 4 = Credits
  • 5 = EasyMenuMovie

Please note that booting in modes other than 0, 1, 3, 5 will require some extra codes to initialize things.

042A78EC XXXXXXXX Level select workaround

Replace XXXXXXXX with a stage number with another system mode code value above incase easy mode crashes on stage select.


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