Sonic Heroes (GameCube NPDP prototype)

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Sonic Heroes (GameCube NPDP prototype)
Prerelease of: Sonic Heroes
System: Nintendo GameCube
Build date: 2003-10-30
Source: NPDP cartridge
Found by: MSX

The Sonic Heroes NPDP prototype is a prototype build of Sonic Heroes for the Nintendo GameCube. It was found on an NPDP cartridge by MSX, but went undumped for several years until it was finally dumped in March 2021.

This is a debug build, with many debugging features activated. Unlike other prototypes found on the cartridge, this build was not labelled on the cartridge. As the build expects the presence of a USB adapter upon boot (like the GCP-2000), it will not boot on retail hardware or emulators, and will require Gecko codes in order to work.


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Sonic Heroes (GameCube NPDP prototype), prerelease version of Sonic Heroes
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