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Idle chatter


If Sonic is left idle for upwards of 10 minutes, he will make a comment on his current surroundings. Some of these comments reference characters and events from other Sonic games and comics (e.g. Tangle the Lemur). As these require waiting for long periods it is very unlikely to hear these comments in regular play.

Unused content


Art Description
SonicFrontiers Sprite SaveBanner TheEnd.png
A save file banner for the final battle against The End. Found in ui_common.pac as
SonicFrontiers SkillIcons.png
A Homing Attack skill icon for Tails. Goes unused as Tails does not have the Homing Attack in his skill tree. Found in ui_gamemodestage.pac.

Early Kronos Island

Inside the files of the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Frontiers, there is an early version of Kronos Island, but with the additional layouts of Rhea Island and Ouranos Island attached to the top. These islands were originally one, huge area as seen in the announcement trailer in December 2021. The island was split later in development following criticisms of the island being "too big" and "boring" from playtesters[1].

By using debug cheats, the player can still see the outline of Ouranos Island on the final version of Kronos Island.

Artwork Name Description
Krouranos-Early-Frontiers.jpg Final and Beta (Top) The outline of Ouranos found on the final version of Kronos.

(Bottom) The full Krouranos map, found in the game files of the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Krouranos-Mockup-Frontiers.jpg Mockup A fan-made mockup of what the map screen for the island could have looked like.

Sonic Forces leftovers

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Various leftover images from Sonic Forces can be found in "image/x64/raw/ui/rpl_texture" in the game's directory.


  1. @moq_46 on Twitter (Ghostarchive)

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