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Standing on Squid's disappearing trail

SonicFrontiers PC Bug SquidTrail 1.png
Squid is defeated...
SonicFrontiers PC Bug SquidTrail 2.png
...and its trail vanishes.
SonicFrontiers PC Bug SquidTrail 3.png
Gravity? What's that?

When fighting Squid, if the player lands the final hit on Squid during the chase sequence, a unique defeat animation is shown in which Squid's light trail will disappear. If Sonic is standing on this trail when it's disappearing, he will still be interacting with the trail and be standing in mid-air as if the trail is still there. Should the player move Sonic, he will fall.

Not fixed in any version.

Knuckles' infinite jump

SonicFrontiers PC Bug KnucklesInfiniteJump 1.png
While gliding...
SonicFrontiers PC Bug KnucklesInfiniteJump 2.png
...perform a three-punch Combo Attack...
SonicFrontiers PC Bug KnucklesInfiniteJump 3.png
...for more altitude.

When playing as Knuckles in Another Story, it is possible to perform a full Combo Attack in the middle of a Glide, resume gliding, then quickly perform another Combo Attack to gain altitude. Doing this repeatedly and quickly enough allows Knuckles to gain as much altitude as needed and ignore platforming challenges.

A similar bug also occurred in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

Introduced in v1.40.
Not fixed in any further version.


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