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Unused Items

There are a number of unused objects in the game. These objects include a button (Aoki Switch) in Lost World, tumbleweed in Windy Valley and a trash can in Speed Highway. Dude discovered these in the PC port of SADX. The tumbleweed in Windy Valley could be accessed by changing the graphic quality to the highest in the Settings screen during the autorun.

Casino Object oddity

If the player enters and exits the Casino area, incorrectly textured copies of the casino geometry will appear at their global location. This is sometimes used in theories that the Adventure Fields were all one map at some point, but in actuality this only happens because objects don't unload between areas in Adventure fields, and the Casino lights happen to be a very big and noticeable object.

Station Square Hotel Keys

flarn2006 discovered that if Big enters the Station Square hotel before clearing Ice Cap, the door to the pool area will be locked - something that never happens otherwise. Keys are found nearby - when placed in the appropriate sockets, the door will unlock. The hotel can be entered using a glitch involving Station Square's boat docks and a placeable object. A video can be found here.

Warning: If the player clears Emerald Coast early, they'll be sent to the Egg Carrier and become permanently stuck.

Mystic Ruins Door Unused Behavior


The door in the Mystic Ruins that Sonic, Knuckles and Gamma pass through to access the Master Emerald shrine and Red Mountain has an opening/closing animation as well as being fully textured on both sides. Unfortunately, through regular means it is impossible to view any of this in-game as the door is only seen from one side and never seen opening/closing to any of the characters.

Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices.

Action Replay

Unofficial codes

General Codes
Code Description
67T6-UMZX-DP633 + BCGB-Y7MZ-3A4HA (M) Must be on
D4C0-5CEU-Q4EFY + KYDK-C1VT-3JAEV Max/infinite rings
WPNU-QY1K-23ZDZ + 5C2G-2TRH-BRH31 Infinite lives
BMW7-Q5FQ-4VF17 + W5ET-B9DN-FC5Z2 + 0BE5-6JAC-WHV0B + 981Q-QT1U-69HME + EDU1-ZY02-3Z3J1 Moon jump: Sonic
EF27-F350-8JU7M + 0BE5-6JAC-WHV0B Moon jump: Sonic (alternate)
41T6-FVN8-E6YE4 + PE4R-3706-6YCGP Infinite flying: Tails
D00V-7U67-5EWRJ + W5ET-B9DN-FC5Z2 + GP5B-V69A-8ZR52 + 981Q-QT1U-69HME + 3R3Z-H09M-FZZW9 Moon jump: Knuckles
CAR5-XD48-7MP3W + KQWX-4C7C-UUH0J E-102 can fly using jetpack
1T28-U14T-2TJ27 + W5ET-B9DN-FC5Z2 + ZMW9-TH6V-4RJYC + 981Q-QT1U-69HME + E61N-1X9A-4A9EF Moon jump: E-102
6564-WM49-XQKW2 + W5ET-B9DN-FC5Z2 + GD5K-GYF4-QMF0G + 981Q-QT1U-69HME


Moon jump: Big
01XT-KK8E-QD3HE + 9Z1U-U0TV-F9HQE Super hammer jump: Amy
2J3U-HEMN-26TJH + QTA2-RD19-7D31W Mega hammer jump: Amy
HYCK-6XPF-DBWWA + Z325-H8T6-28TGY Moon jump: Amy
W9UF-C4ZW-ZAPKY + W36B-30NG-4NMUT + 3G17-J9JR-JF7ET + 70EB-DYNX-MK5B7 + MTRA-NWFT-KZ4F2 Glide upwards: Knuckles (Y+A) - Knuckles will only go upwards 10 or so feet in the game and then even out and glide back down. Letting go and pressing again makes Knuckles go higher. Alternatively, holding Z and pressing A might do the normal upward glide at first, so hit A again and Knuckles will shoot upwards diagonally much higher than with just A.
A610-U7T8-KFQ8P + 8X6H-UD90-Y0TW7 Always free camera mode: This make scenes in the game where the camera was very well scripted, such as the whale chase in Emerald Coast, much more difficult to play. This will not affect the camera in cutscenes, however.
4PP1-7DKF-30JTH + 7B41-AZ0K-MVXYY Debug Menu: For Sonic Adventure DX, the Debug code works differently than in the Dreamcast version. It is not as full-featured as the Debug mode present in the Dreamcast version. When Sonic is running, a white "collision sphere" is drawn around him, sometimes the "death areas" (where the player can fall and die) are lit up in white, and on the adventure fields, the ring counter is always visible.
Level Codes

Credit goes to sonicblur for spending the time researching these codes, and Sazpaimon for encoding them.

To activate the level selected, hold the D-Pad directional arrow up before loading a level, and the specified level will load instead.

Code Description
GK2J-3VQY-W8HBM + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + CGWD-62XC-Q6GW5 Hedgehog Hammer
9N4J-HJQM-D2G6K + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + ZG34-JTYV-TWA12 Emerald Coast, Part 1
A1KY-YDWB-T45N3 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + VQT8-XCM1-UVJRY Emerald Coast, Part 2
KQMQ-6QBF-1QETZ + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + ZT9B-4PU5-ZWR0R Windy Valley, Part 1
XUXK-V21M-GKBJ7 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + DCC8-WKZN-MUTQR Windy Valley, Part 2
NMVD-11A8-XMBKW + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + NAQK-87P6-NJ1H2 Windy Valley, Part 3
HV4P-MAKD-TYNQV + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + CB6X-H1BF-XY84E Twinkle Park, Part 1
YKR6-37X9-CKJ34 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 6PHV-XGCK-6EHUT Twinkle Park, Pleasure Castle
9305-A1BK-23HVC + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + QVGH-ABWR-56XZ5 Twinkle Park, Mirror Room
QY29-8W0J-N95ZW + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 8E2Y-1N1R-X8QUQ Speed Highway, Part 1
WW9J-27EA-QW7T3 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + Y8ZP-A8JN-G22M5 Speed Highway, Part 2
3KMC-TTUF-8QU9V + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + KP70-ACTG-GJBCN Speed Highway, Part 3
K653-KUJ7-Z1MFY + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 98CZ-XP4J-YB5FE Red Mountain, Part 1
X0YN-3X52-77E9E + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 47PM-6VDH-WU4VN Red Mountain, Part 2
5ZCY-UGYX-2T3JG + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + HFRD-GD32-7GB58 Sky Deck, Part 1
5UG6-X8TR-T1APN + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + JQFB-N9G9-1WMWQ Sky Deck Part 2
0X3H-8JF0-4K6Z3 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + PCWB-2P2X-PJAXG Sky Deck, Part 3
K705-DCGA-FVQDW + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + NPJ8-3YHA-WFBRB Lost World, Part 1
WFYJ-BMYB-TFFJ0 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + TYZQ-YJ6Y-TD16G Lost World, Part 2
K714-WFUE-0RUJJ + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + VZYC-D2GT-HPGGH Lost World, Part 3 (Capsule Area)
GBX3-CNRA-YVZ7D + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 36JQ-61YE-C1RPA Ice Cap, Part 3
9H8F-BCRV-311YA + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + ER2G-FDCC-YHZVG Casinopolis, Part 1
P9DH-P972-HG7C7 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + VKCB-99PP-B0WV6 Casinopolis, Trash Area
UQ7R-TE7V-V9EZT + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + PYCM-6G6M-RG51V Casinopolis, Sonic Pinball Machine
6KD4-77QC-PWMZV + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + NCK0-ZKTJ-C6KE4 Casinopolis, NiGHTS Pinball Machine
BUPK-Z0EM-P7DF2 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + EGY4-U9W4-9MH9C Final Egg, Part 2
Q87U-P946-H1XGE + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + BJ0X-9H46-YFET9 Final Egg, Part 3
RRX5-Z0Q4-30880 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + W86M-M6KF-DT8JA Hot Shelter, Part 1
ZXM8-J4D3-YB287 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 8XRY-NXRQ-XBGXJ Hot Shelter, Part 2
JGUH-PAWG-D8TFQ + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 5X77-V08G-CB50T Chaos 0
DVKA-1XEX-53CE8 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 905V-X4WV-DGJZZ Chaos 2
Z4WY-DKNW-R524U + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 5ECT-HTZ8-R9T12 Chaos 4
BAEE-4E19-K84J7 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + DY19-C1QT-F7KU8 Perfect Chaos
PM11-U2JU-6XKYE + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 7360-33YH-Z8UXM Egg Hornet
GN6P-MH15-AMVM5 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + XF6F-JW66-DRDD6 E-101 Beta
AKE1-KGXV-0RE0A + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + XAMD-3HAU-WCUHF E-101 Beta Enhanced
5D53-ZCUT-ARPMK + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 2E88-Y8B5-AZV62 Sky Chase Act 1
8VA3-U05U-G9WK5 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 956F-WPG1-7XPWW Sky Chase Act 2
HY66-2X45-K2M59 + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 47NQ-DZ0M-JHU21 Sand Hill
JPDU-DMB0-8UJBF + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + CJKA-HMDA-EV45A Station Square Chao Garden
B6U4-ATM8-C9DZU + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + 2A1V-RMV2-FFET4 Egg Carrier Chao Garden
PFHF-DYV7-8J87Q + CK3C-9XB5-ZCAZJ + W5VH-4624-D3U1D Mystic Ruins Chao Garden
Twinkle Circuit Levels

These codes will allow access to Twinkle Circuit Levels that are normally unacessible. Use only one of these codes at a time. To play the course, select Trial from the Main Menu and then Select Sub Games. Select a character, and then select Twinkle Circuit for that character. The course whose code is entered will load instead of the normal course.

Code Description
F5VE-B2FJ-169G8 + Q354-82AQ-4NYNG + HPJY-XQZF-RPR4F + AQ15-21TE-Y2A1B + 4WZN-XPD2-12WX5 + 4PPC-PV7F-G5TM2 + 94HV-JV8M-WMMGM + PU70-WJMT-G6QUT + J7DM-0JUD-MQ2YG + C77F-VF1F-M5HA4 Samba GP
334E-U002-6M38Z + 40E3-VTD6-762PP + 82EP-EFAZ-VP2RH + WMJ2-JC68-JWN38 + D1WV-GR6K-KRTGF + M4GC-NBTB-1A89J + ADK2-UPE2-BT0ZC + 8YEY-57QF-K8177 Eggman's Challenge
498U-FVAN-7YCNQ + 682B-KREZ-XK37F + 2FU9-BC0W-0D2YJ + N5HZ-REPF-N4CU4 + M96G-E7NW-1ZKZT + KJKV-Q39X-EWP19 + 734V-WJ4E-899T4 + 10XT-BAYH-R22AB An Upward Battle
K078-TY31-MC583 + DX3P-QVJR-G57F6 + 8JU0-HYYV-YUFT6 + 7BAB-P46Y-EV8HN + RN3G-H5XV-RUT2P + BMX9-BWWQ-3BVRW + VBAM-W7EV-M559Y + A0XY-2V8J-2V7YH + J7DM-0JUD-MQ2YG + C77F-VF1F-M5HA4 Jumps n' Bumps
TBFP-XFA9-XKC2N + ANNW-7NR5-P5VWD + 06H2-X92Z-7H2A7 + B5CU-4FUC-3H2T9 + 2HZ2-HQYC-M12FD + 7HY7-P8F5-CEC3P + 7UK5-328Q-ZMW31 + G0PE-HW22-4GFV6 Crazy Corners


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