Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (prototype; 2001-11-29)

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SonicAdventure2Battle title.png
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (prototype; 2001-11-29)
Prerelease of: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
System: Nintendo GameCube
Build date: 2001-11-29
Source: NR Disc[1]
Found by: Orengefox

The 2001-11-29 build of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is a prototype build of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the Nintendo GameCube. It originally belonged to a former Sega employee, and was acquired and dumped by Orengefox.

This build was given out for review, and is near identical to the final North American release. It may be different from the previously-released review prototype, and contains byte changes in the executable and some localization errors (usually with the Spanish language setting).

Physical scans


SonicAdventure2Battle20011129 GC Disc.png

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