Sonic Adventure: Trial Version for E3

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Sonic Adventure E3 Title Screen.png
Sonic Adventure: Trial Version for E3
Prerelease of: Sonic Adventure
System: Sega Dreamcast
Build date: Jun 8th, 1999
Source: GD-ROM disc
Found by: drx

Sonic Adventure: Trial Version for E3 (not to be confused with Trial Version a much later build) is a pre-release version of Sonic Adventure, designed, as the name suggests, for show at E3 1999. It is a stripped down version of the full game, with a selection of levels playable for each character.

Sonic Adventure: Trial Version for E3 was created several months after the Japanese release of Sonic Adventure, however differs from the final North American build in subtle ways. Most notably, Knuckles' voice is much deeper in this version of the game - Michael McGaharn would redub the character in a less menacing tone before the game's release.

The disc was dumped and released publicly by drx on August 31st, 2008.


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  • This build has a burn date of June 8, 1999. (six months after the initial Japanese release)
  • This build is earlier than the Trial Version. (Despite the burn date saying otherwise)
  • Despite the fact this is meant to be a demo all the levels are present on the disc and are fully intact.
  • Knuckles voice is much deeper.
  • Some dialogue is different.
SonicAdventure DC JP Title.png
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Final (JP)
Sonic Adventure E3 Title Screen.png
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Trial Version for E3
Sonic Adventure title.png
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Final (US 1.1/EUR)

The title screen for this build is entirely different compared to the Japanese release and the final US/EUR versions.

SonicAdventureE3Trial MainMenu.png
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Trial Version for E3
SonicAdventure MainMenu.png
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Final (US 1.1/EUR)

To load the Main Menu, change 8C81F9E4 or 8C81F9F8 to 7. The Main Menu's background is just a faded version of the title screen, rather than a version with the Press Start and copyright text removed. Otherwise, aside from the obvious language difference the menu is identical to the Japanese version - the Emblem Results menu (which is present in Limited Edition) hasn't been added yet, with the Trial menu still having only 2 options as opposed to 3. Note: The Character Select, Trial Mode and the Title Screen are used for the demo's menus, so they aren't connected to the Main Menu.

  • The character select screen lacks the file and clear text.
  • Missions B & A are disabled in story mode.
  • You'll need to use the TGS Menus to play a characters story.
  • Sonic's Sand Hill seems to be using a much older layout. (Or at least one that's very weird)
  • There's a layering issue which causes the inside of the tornado in Windy Valley to appear red. (This also happens in the SADX Preview)

Different Lines (In game)

  • When you select Knuckles he says "Let's go!" in the final he says "Ok! Let's go!"
  • Knuckles has different cries and grunts in this build.
  • When digging in on an non dig able surface he says "No way." in the final he says "It's no use."
  • When seeing Sonic & Tails on the ground, he says "I wonder what these guys are doing..." in the final he says "I wonder what those guys are doing..."

Different Lines (Cutscenes)

  • His lines are, overall faster.

Knuckles' Story Intro

  • When Knuckles gets knocked off the shrine, he doesn't say, "Hey, no fair!"
  • After Chaos 0 disappears, he doesn't say, "Come back here!"
  • In his next line, he says, "Whoa!" instead of "Wow!"

Station Square

  • Instead of "It won't be easy. Pieces flew off everywhere." he says, "This isn't going to be easy. Pieces flew off in a million different directions."

After Casinopolis

  • In the E3 version he says "very familiar" the final shortened it to familiar.

Spoting Dr. Eggman

  • He doesn't say Doctor.

Pre Sonic fight scene

  • Instead of the it's that.

Egg Carrier Introduction (Knuckles)

  • He doesn't say some.

Knuckles spotting E102 Gamma

  • Instead of Eggman's it's the.
  • Instead of "I know..." it's "Oh yeah, what an idea!"

Entering Eggman's Base

  • He doesn't say "Hmmm"

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