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SonicAdvance3 title.png
Sonic Advance 3
Publisher: EU/JP Sega US THQ
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-06-07 $29.99[1] AGB-P-B3SE
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-06-18[2] £29.99[2] AGB-P-B3SP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-06-25[3] €? AGB-P-B3SP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-06-18[4] €? AGB-P-B3SP
USK: 0
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-06-18 €? AGB-P-B3SP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-06-17[5] ¥4,800 (5,040)[5] AGB-P-B3SJ
CERO: Free
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004 $? AGB-P-B3SP
Wii U Virtual Console
2016-05-25[6] ¥650 (702)[6] WUP-N-PC8J

Sonic Advance 3 (ソニック アドバンス3) is the third game in the Sonic Advance series released for the Game Boy Advance. Unlike the first two games in the series, Sonic Advance 3 features ability to play two characters in a partner setting. The Tiny Chao Garden mode from the previous Advance games has been removed and the Chao Playground has been put in its place. The Chao Garden in this game serves to help the player view the Chaos Emeralds and Chao they have collected.

The game focuses on Robotnik's newest creation, G-merl, as he co-pilots all of Eggman's vehicles and is an extra final boss if the player collects all the Chaos Emeralds in the game. G-merl's design and name are a direct reference to the robot Emerl whom was a playable character in Sonic Battle.

This is the very last game to use the original English Sonic voice actors before they were changed to the 4Kids English (Sonic X) cast. It also contains the last voice acting done by Deem Bristow before he passed away.


Sometime before the events of the game, Dr. Eggman builds a robotic assistant based upon Emerl's data named G-merl. G-merl's designed to be a loyal, obedient copy of Emerl. As such, he can learn new attacks, and can meld himself seamlessly with any mechanical device. Eggman tears the Earth apart when an experiment using Chaos Control goes awry, and Sonic is separated from Knuckles, Amy, and Cream and is stranded with Tails. The two begin to search for their friends and the source of the trouble (which is the separation of the Chaos Emeralds). But like always, Eggman is making everything from strange contraptions to doomsday devices, and is trying to vanquish Sonic once and for all.

Normal Ending: (without all Chaos Emeralds) After defeating the final boss, Eggman and G-merl are defeated and try to escape, with Eggman swearing revenge. The heroes chase him to the edge of the temple, putting Eggman in a deadly situation. G-merl, stays to glare at the heroes as if to intimidate them, then jumps off the edge to follow his master. Peace is finally restored to the world. Then the game ends with all the playable characters getting their photo taken by Omochao.

The end credits also leave a message to players to collect any remaining Chaos Emeralds.

True Ending: (with all 7 Chaos Emeralds) After defeating the final boss, Eggman and G-merl are defeated and try to escape, with Eggman swearing revenge. However, G-merl stops running & attacks Sonic, causing the Chaos Emeralds Sonic has to scatter. Upon seeing the 7 Chaos Emeralds, the bad code that caused Emerl to malfunction activates, and G-merl uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into a rogue, orb-shaped robot. G-merl then grabs Dr. Eggman and throws him at Sonic before escaping into outer space. Using the power of the Emeralds as well, Sonic becomes Super Sonic and, with the help of Dr. Eggman, Super Sonic destroys the improved G-merl. Eventually, Tails finds G-merl's broken body on a beach and repairs the robot. The game ends with the new G-merl playing with Cream the Rabbit at her mother Vanilla's house.


The gameplay of this game is like a combination of the platforming from the original Sonic Advance and the speed-oriented gameplay of Sonic Advance 2. The game also incorporates elements from Chaotix, with its 2 character team-ups and ring-dropping enemies, though the actual ring bands are gone. The 2 character team up is similar to previous side-scrolling Sonic games as the second player actually follows the other character. This second player is controlled by the computer or player 2 in multiplayer mode. Partners can also be picked up by holding R and then released. This is another element first seen in Chaotix.

Like Sonic Advance 2, to play as the full cast of characters, Sonic (as the lead player) needs to defeat bosses. Knuckles is unlocked after beating Sunset Hill's boss, Amy after Toy Kingdom's and Cream after Cyber Track's. Due to the game's need for a partner, Tails is available from the beginning.

Collecting every gold medal (save for the one in Nonaggression) unlocks a boss time attack.

Team type

Each team has a specific "type", which more or less determines which type of gameplay the team is best at. There are 3 types:

  • Speed: any team that contains Sonic. These are generally very fast on the ground.
  • Power: any team that contains Knuckles but not Sonic. These are good at attacking foes, and breaking barriers to access areas other teams cannot.
  • Flying: any team with Tails or Cream but not Sonic or Knuckles. These are good at accessing higher places in the level.

Note that these are just general abilities; each team has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Team Name

When selecting certain combinations of characters it will usually display OK. However, selecting certain teams will actually display a Team name and this team will have exclusive abilities which can't be obtained by any other character team-ups. The Team names are below:

  • Unbreakable Bond: Sonic & Tails
  • Fighting Buddies: Sonic & Knuckles
  • Lovely Couple: Sonic & Amy
  • Team Jubilee: Amy and Cream

Tag action

By holding the R button, the partner will jump into the leader's hands. Upon releasing the R button, the partner will perform a tag action. This action is different for each character, and sometimes whether you are on the ground or not. Tag actions, along with other partner abilities, are enumerated below.

Abilities with Sonic as a Partner

A free spirited hedgehog that hates evil. He can be short tempered at times, but never turns his back on those in need of help.

Due to his speed, any team that contains Sonic is designated as a Speed team, and is generally good at getting around quickly.

Tails Knuckles Cream Amy
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
A Button Spin Jump Spin Jump Spin Jump Jump
B Button Skid Attack Fire Sliding Skid Attack Hammer Attack
Jump+A No Action No Action Jump Dash
Homing Attack
No Action
Jump+B No Action Wind Attack
Up+B Upper Spin
Down+B Bound Attack
No Action Spin Attack
R Button Mid-Air Trick Action
Boost Mode (While Running)
Boost Mode (While Running) Breathe (In Water)
Boost Mode (While Running)
Boost Mode (While Running)

Tag action: Sonic will propel you forward at great speed, instantly entering Boost Mode. Works the same mid-air as on the ground.

Abilities with Tails as a Partner

A friendly kid fox with two tails, who thinks of Sonic as a favorite big brother. He loves tinkering with machinery.

Any team with Tails has the ability to access high places in one way or another. If the team contains Tails, but not Sonic or Knuckles, it is designated as a Flying team.

Sonic Knuckles Cream Amy
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
A Button Spin Jump Spin Jump Spin Jump Jump
B Button Tail Swipe Tornado Attack Tail Swipe Hammer Attack
Jump+A Propeller Flying Mid-Air Glide High Propeller Flying
Homing Attack
Hammer Propeller Flying
Jump+B No Action Tail Spin Attack No Action Spin Attack
R Button Mid-Air Trick Action
A Button Dog Paddle (In Water)
Boost Mode (While Running)
A Button Breast Stroke (In Water) A Button Dog Paddle (In Water) A Button Dog Paddle (In Water)

Tag action: While on the ground, Tails will propel you high into the air, slightly angled in the direction you are facing. While in the air, Tails will fly the leader around for a short time. Remember to press the A button to stay in the air!

Abilities with Knuckles as a Partner

A powerful Echidna with spiky fists, and Sonic's best friend and rival. He's sincere in nature, but a little gullible and easily misled.

Due to his strength, any team that contains Knuckles is designated as a Power team, which the exception of Sonic & Knuckles and Knuckles & Sonic.

Sonic Tails Cream Amy
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
A Button Spin Jump Spin Jump Spin Jump Jump
B Button Double Punch Spiral Uppercut Double Punch Hammer Attack
Jump+A Mid-Air Dash Glide Double Mid-Air Glide
Wall Climb
Mid-Air Glide
Wall Climb
Mid-Air Glide
Wall Climb
Jump+B No Action No Action No Action Spin Attack
Down+B Drill Claw
Homing Attack (while gliding)
Breast Stroke(In Water)
Boost Mode (While Running)
Breast Stroke (In Water) Breast Stroke(In Water)
B Button Homing Attack (During Glide)
Right+A Button Dash Climb (Wall)
Breast Stroke (In Water)

Tag action: On the ground, the leader will throw Knuckles forward in a Power attack; this can break some walls and will destroy badniks. In the air, Knuckles will begin to glide, carrying you on his back. Be warned, if Knuckles hits a wall, he will latch on, but you will fall!

Abilities with Cream as a Partner

Cream is a polite little rabbit that takes her tiny Chao "Cheese" wherever she goes. She means well, but can act a little childish at times.

Any team with Cream has the ability to access high places in one way or another. If the team contains Cream, but not Sonic or Knuckles, it is designated as a Flying team.

Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
A Button Spin Jump Spin Jump Spin Jump Jump
B Button Chao Ball Attack Chao Attack Chao Spinning Attack Hammer Attack
Jump+A Flying Floating Fall Flying (Chao Spin) Flying
Jump+B Mid-Air Chao Ball Attack Mid-Air Chao Attack Mid-Air Chao
Spinng Attack
Mid-Air Chao Attack
Down+B Hip Drop
Life Ring(In Water)
Boost Mode (While Running)
No Action No Action R Button Mid-Air Trick Action

Tag action: Cheese will change to resemble the leader, enabling the leader to use Cream's Chao Attack. While in the air, it will do the same, but will also give your jump height a slight boost.

Abilities with Amy as a Partner

Sonic's self professed girlfriend that he can't seem to escape from. She never leaves home without her trademark Pikopiko Hammer.

Amy has no outstanding characteristics, aside from her hammer, and has no bearing on what type designation a team is given.

Sonic Tails Knuckles Cream
Spin (While Running)
Spin Dash
Down+A Leap Down+A Amy Dash Down+A Leap
A Button Spin Jump Jump Jump Jump
B Button Hammer Attack Hammer Attack Big Hammer Attack
Down+B Hammer Jump
Hammer Attack
Jump+A Jump Dash Floating Fall No Action Floating Fall
Jump+B Mid-Air Hammer Attack
Down+B Spinning Hammer Attack
Mid-Air Hammer Jump Mid-Air Hammer Attack
Down+B Spinning Hammer Attack
Mid-Air Hammer Attack
Boost Mode (While Running) B Button Head Slide (During Leap) No Action R Button Mid-Air Trick Action
B Button Head Slide (During Leap)

Tag action: On the ground, Amy will use her hammer to propel you into the air. This is similar to Tails' tag action, only you are not given horizontal velocity at the start. While in the air, Amy will also use the hammer, however the vertical distance is not as strong as on the ground; however, your character is made to spin, so this move has its uses.

Abilities with Eggman as a Partner

Sonic and Dr. Eggman are forced to team up in the Extra Zone, Nonagression, when G-merl steals the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Any partner that Sonic uses to access the zone is automatically replaced by Eggman. Eggman does not affect the team type, which remains as Speed.

A Button Charged Dash
B Button Charged Dash
Jump+A Not Available
Jump+B Not Available
Not Available

Tag action: Sonic charges Eggman into a massive fireball that can be used to attack G-merl. The longer the R button is held, the more powerful the attack. This does not damage G-merl, but must be done to make him vulnerable.

Sound test

Unlike many other Sonic games, Sonic Advance 3 hides its sound test until Altar Emerald is completed.

# Title Usage
01 Opening Opening
02 Title Title Screen
03 Main Menu Main Menu
04 Character Select Character Selection Screen (Main Game)
05 Sonic Factory Sonic Factory (hub)
06 Options Options Screen
07 Chaos Playground Chao Playground
08 Start Demo New game start/prologue
09 Zone1 Map Route 99 - Map
10 Zone2 Map Sunset Hill - Map
11 Zone3 Map Ocean Base - Map
12 Zone4 Map Toy Kingdom - Map
13 Zone5 Map Twinkle Snow - Map
14 Zone6 Map Cyber Track - Map
15 Zone7 Map Chaos Angel - Map
16 FinalZone Map Altar Emerald
17 Intact Music 1  ???
18 Zone1 Act1 Route 99 - Act 1
19 Zone1 Act2 Route 99 - Act 2
20 Zone1 Act3 Route 99 - Act 3
21 Zone2 Act1 Sunset Hill - Act 1
22 Zone2 Act2 Sunset Hill - Act 2
23 Zone2 Act3 Sunset Hill - Act 3
24 Zone3 Act1 Ocean Base - Act 1
25 Zone3 Act2 Ocean Base - Act 2
26 Zone3 Act3 Ocean Base - Act 3
27 Zone4 Act1 Toy Kingdom - Act 1
28 Zone4 Act2 Toy Kingdom - Act 2
29 Zone4 Act3 Toy Kingdom - Act 3
30 Zone5 Act1 Twinkle Snow - Act 1
31 Zone5 Act2 Twinkle Snow - Act 2
32 Zone5 Act3 Twinkle Snow - Act 3
33 Zone6 Act1 Cyber Track - Act 1
34 Zone6 Act2 Cyber Track - Act 2
35 Zone6 Act3 Cyber Track - Act 3
36 Zone7 Act1 Chaos Angel - Act 1
37 Zone7 Act2 Chaos Angel - Act 2
38 Zone7 Act3 Chaos Angel - Act 3
39 Boss Boss (Zones 1-6)
40 Boss-Pinch Boss - Pinch (Zones 1-6)
41 7-Boss Chaos Angel Boss
42 7-Boss-Pinch Chaos Angel Boss - Pinch
43 Final-Boss Final Zone Boss
44 Final-Boss-Pinch Final Zone Boss - Pinch
45 Ex-Boss Extra Zone Boss
46 Ex-Boss-Pinch Extra Zone Boss - Pinch
47 Intact Music 2  ???
48 Demo Meet with Character (Knuckles, Cream, Amy)
49 Ex Demo 1 Extra Zone Demo 1 (G-merl transforms)
50 Ex Demo 2 Extra Zone Demo 2 (Super Sonic)
51 Ending A Final Zone Ending
52 Ending B Extra Zone Ending
53 Staff Roll Credits
54 Special Stage Special Stage
55 Special Stage Result 1 Succeeded in Special Stage
56 Special Stage Result 2 Failed in Special Stage
57 Time Attack Time Attack Menu
58 Time Attack Retry Time Attack Retry Menu
59 Invincibility Invincibility
60 Countdown Drowning
61 Mini Game BGM Mini Game music
62 Emerald Get Chaos Emerald Acquired
63 Game Over Game Over
64 1UP 1-Up/Extra Life
65 Clear 1 Stage Cleared (Gold)
66 Clear 2 Stage Cleared (Silver or Bronze)
67 Boss Clear 1 Boss Cleared (Gold)
68 Boss Clear 2 Boss Cleared (Silver or Bronze)
69 Final Clear Final Zone Cleared
70 Extra Clear Extra Zone Cleared
71 Message Post-credits message
72 Special Stage Clear Special Stage Cleared
73 Time Attack Clear 1 Time Attack Cleared (No New Record)
74 Time Attack Clear 2 Time Attack Cleared (New Record)
75 VS BGM 1 Waiting for Communication
76 VS BGM 2 VS Zone Select
77 VS BGM 3 VS Game Results
78 VS BGM 4 VS Battle Game End
79 VS BGM 5 End of VS Battle Mode
80 VS BGM 6 VS Mode
81 VS BGM 7 Multiplayer stage
82 VS BGM 8 VS Game End
83 VS BGM 9 Try Again?
84 VS Success Communication Successful/Character Unlocked
85 VS Miss Communication Error


Character VA (English) VA (Japanese)
Sonic the Hedgehog Ryan Drummond Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Miles "Tails" Prower William Corkery Ryo Hirohashi
Knuckles the Echidna Scott Drier Nobutoshi Kanna
Amy Rose Jenny Douillard Taeko Kawata
Cream the Rabbit Sarah Wulfeck Sayaka Aoki
Eggman Deem Bristow Chikao Otsuka
Announcer Jon St. John Jon St. John

Due to size constraints, the game features only one voice track on the cartridge, depending on the region. Western versions have English-language voices while the Japanese version contains Japanese-language voices of the main cast. The in-game text is entirely multi-lingual and is manually selectionable in all versions.



Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic Advance 3/Development

Production credits

Created by Sonic Team

In cooperation with Dimps®

  • Producer: Kouichi Sakita
  • Line Producer: Yukihiro Higashi
  • Planners: Yukihiro Higashi, Masaaki Yamagiwa
  • Programmers: Tatsuaki Nakashima, Hiroki Yoshitake, Kuninori Douno
  • Designers: Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Yuko Yamanoue, Etsuko Hosokawa, Tohru Nakanishi, Tomohiro Ozawa
  • Sound: Hironobu Inagaki, Atsuyoshi Isemura
  • Special Thanks: Katsuya Kuramoto, Kenji Ayukawa, Syuhei Kimura, Isamu Kubota
Sound Created by Wave Master

SEGA Corporation

  • Marketing & Production: Mitsuru Takahashi, Naoko Ooka, Hideki Yokaichiya, Mariko Takeda
  • Publicity: Yasushi Nagumo, Youko Nagasawa
  • International Business & Product Development: Tatsuyuki Miyazaki, Yusuke Suai, Shikou Sakai
  • Development Division: Toshihiro Nagoshi, Toshiro Nakayama, Yusuke Asano, Akiko Kuroda
  • Marketing Research: Tsuyoshi Sawada, Noriko Hashimoto
  • Manual Production: Yoshihiro Sakuta, Hisakazu Nakagawa, Youichi Takahashi, Hiroki Osawa, Satoru Ishigami, Colin Restall
  • Customer Relations: Yutaka Shoji, Masahiro Ozeki, Nobuyuki Inoue, Mariko Okada
  • Product Test: Jun-ichi Shimizu, Akira Nishikawa, Akinobu Koechi, Akira Terasawa, Satoshi Yamagata
Sega of America
  • Executive Management: Hideaki Irie
  • Localization Producers: Yosuke Moriya, Klayton Vorlick
  • Director of PD: Osamu Shibamiya
Sega of Europe
  • Sega Europe COO: Naoya Tsurumi
  • Director of PD: Jin Shimazaki
  • Localization Producer: Kuniyo Matsumoto
  • European Product Manager: Mathew Quaeck
  • SOE Test Dept: Darius Sadeghian, David Smith, Roy Boateng
  • Special Thanks: James Nicholas, Ricky Ip
Voice Acting
Source: In-game credits


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Promotional material

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic Advance 3/Promotional material



Physical scans

Game Boy Advance, US
SonicAdvance3 GBA US manual.pdf
Sonic Adv3 Poster.jpg
Game Boy Advance, UK
Sadv3 eu boxart back.jpgNospine-small.pngSadv3 eu boxart.jpg
SonicAdvance3 GBA UK manual.pdf
Game Boy Advance, FR/NL
SonicAdvance3 GBA FR-NL Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSonicAdvance3 GBA FR-NL Box Front.jpg
Game Boy Advance, DE
SonicAdvance3 GBA DE Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSonicAdvance3 GBA DE Box Front.jpg
Game Boy Advance, ES/IT

SA3 GBA ES-IT back.jpg

Game Boy Advance, JP
Sadv3 gba jp back cover.jpgNospine-small.pngSadv3 jp boxart.jpg
Sadv3 gba jp cart.jpg
Game Boy Advance, AU
SonicAdvance3 GBA AU Box Front.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
CRC32 49dda5e6
MD5 e0533faf6aa36e3111669574f1c5df92
SHA-1 30db467effa5014806d42db57e2299398a51355b
16MB 2004-04-14 Cartridge (US)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
CRC32 5bf83456
MD5 e6b78109c11d82f621db846da70bc30a
SHA-1 685af3a2dc0f1b3f8922e73ec42c1dc92e210e39
16MB 2004-04-18 Cartridge (EU)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
CRC32 4375f1d6
MD5 a2bd14f0b57836fe7288e03a6fc154fa
SHA-1 bf8a4a7db9b5f45dd4ffebce67585d6556055ed4
16MB 2004-04-18 Cartridge (JP)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
CRC32 143df94d
MD5 0fc4610a0ece925b2b17fcf7321883f1
SHA-1 42a3d30cb1a0559bc6fe82141dbdb45eaeda3d83
16MB 2004-03-01 Cartridge Prototype Download.svg (3.24 MB) (info)

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