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SRAM failsafe

If the game fails to detect an SRAM chip (usually if the chip is not present or is faulty), all content will be unlocked. This is also the case for the other Sonic Advance games.

Unused content


Art Description
Copyright information on a black background.
"TGS ver.", from an earlier Tokyo Game Show build.
Unused title screen background. This was used in the build used for the trailer included in Sonic Mega Collection.

Multiplayer team play

SonicAdvance2 GBA TeamPlay Select1.png
SonicAdvance2 GBA TeamPlay Select2.png
SonicAdvance2 GBA TeamPlay RaceEnd.png
SonicAdvance2 GBA TeamPlay Results.png

Sonic Advance had the option to enable team play when playing in multiplayer modes. Such a feature was dropped for Sonic Advance 2, however coding for team play remains in the game and was found by freshollie. It can be enabled via hacking the game to call the team play setup screen after multiplayer connection has been initialised.

Team play is largely complete, and teammates can interact with each other. Code for team-specific character actions is left over from Sonic Advance, though is partially functional:

  • Sonic's team action (boosting teammates with his Spin Dash) works as intended.
  • Tails' and Knuckles' team actions (carrying teammates while flying/gliding) will cause their teammate to be stuck in the air with no way to control them.
  • Amy's team action (catapulting teammates upward with her Piko Piko Hammer) doesn't function at all.
  • Cream has no team action coded for her.

Graphical glitches will also occur on the results screen for players from the winning team, but not for losing players.

Act 4

SonicAdvance2 GBA Map UnusedAct4.png

Each Zone in Sonic Advance 2 is designated four Acts. The first two Acts are the regular Acts, while Act 3 is the Zone's "Boss Attack" Act - Act 4 goes unused for all Zones. All instances of Act 4 for every Zone share the same stock layout (a single platform with a roof of spikes), which is based on the Super Eggrobo Z's arena at the end of XX. The backgrounds for each of these Acts are repeated from other levels, usually the same Zone, albeit with incorrect palettes[1].

Build dates

Located at ROM addresses $CD6224 (JP) and $7F9078 (US/EU):

0.93 Thu Oct 25 00:00:00  2002
0.94 Thu Oct 25 00:00:00  2002

Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.


Official codes, US version

Code Effect Reference
00002738 000A
10001FB2 0007
Enable Code (Must Be On).
830053F0 03E7 Max Rings.
330054F4 0007 All SP Rings.
33005A0C 0002 Transparent.
33005448 000A Infinite Lives.
74000130 03FE
830059F2 FDD0
Multi Jump.
83005490 0000 Stop Timer.
A200266C 1C18
8200266A FFFF
Unlock All Characters.
A200266C 1C18
3200266C 0001
Unlock Tiny Chao Garden.
3200265F 001F
82002660 1F1F
82002662 1F1F
Open All Zones.
32002672 0001 Unlock Extra Zone (Sonic Only).
32002669 0001 Unlock Sound Test.
82002664 7F7F
82002666 7F7F
32002668 007F
All Gems.
74000130 03BB
33004A00 0000
Press Select+Up For Timer On.
74000130 037B
33004A00 0001
73004A00 0001
330030C2 0030
Press Select+Down For Timer Off.
330030C3 0003 300 Rings.
730030AA 012C
830030A8 012C
All Rings Collected.
330031AC 0009 Ring Combo X9.
330031A2 0003 Transparent.
Tiny Chao Garden
Code Effect Reference
00002738 000A
1008D3D6 0007
Enable Code (Must Be On).
8200033C 207F
8200033E 0200
82000340 6008
82000342 1C08
82000344 E015
82007AAC 3000
82007D4E 3000
Infinite Rings.
820049D6 2063 Quick Stat Level Up.


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