Sonic Advance 2

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The second Sonic platformer released for the GBA, which in my and a lot of other peoples' opinions, sucks.



ALL the bosses in this game, minus the final boss, are in motion. And they're at least twice as fast as the Mushroom Hill boss. Because of this, the only useful thing you can do is jump and instashield (if playing Sonic) or chao attack (if playing Cream). It also makes them much more dependent on timing.

Special Stages

The special stages in this game are incredibly tedious. They require you to get 300 rings under a time limit. And getting to them is even harder! You must take a certain route through a level to gain 7 Special Rings, and not die under any circumstances or you will lose them all.


Another new move is added to the Sonic game series here; "Tricks". To perform a trick, get launched off of any spring, trampoline or ramp, and then press a direction plus R. You will then be launched in that direction. Tricks can be used to either smash enemies in the air while not spinning, and are more often used to reach high-up places. In Sky Canyon these are required.


The new character added to this game, Cream, is the most cheap character ever. Not only can you fly faster than Tails, but Cream has a "chao attack" and all you have to do to kill an enemy or hit a boss is press B.